Stories of You

Stories of You

It has been nine months, three weeks and five days – since I published my first blog post. The beginning was a place where I held my breath in anticipation. I churned over my fears of being rejected, a failure. Yet, all that seems to be behind me now. I face the future with new clarity and new resolution.

Writing is my journey. There is no end in sight. No finish line. The path that my words travel on is lined with stories, memories and lessons. The most resounding stories have not been about me. The stories of other people, humanity and history have echoed far beyond the coffee it takes to read one of my posts.

Stories of You

Life is about storytelling: messages and moments transcending time and being carried forward across generations and oceans. The story of the human spirit is the most powerful story of all. The story of community is one that humbles us, achieves a sense of feeling accepted and feeling greater than ourselves.

In my little space, the most important part is you, my reader. It is your eyes, your minds and your hearts that you open so willingly each week. Gratitude pales in significance to all that my readers give me.

Stories of You

I believe in so many things. I especially believe in the power of storytelling. I believe in the power of humanity. Most of all, I believe in building community. Because of all these things, I am going to open my blog to your stories. Everyone’s voice is important. Everyone has a story to share.

So as my way of giving something back to that which gives me so much, I am looking for you to share your story with me.

Stories of You is open to those who do not have a voice to share their own story. The woman who is at home with her little ones and stays up til all hours late at night, baking and decorating cakes, so that she too follows her passion. The woman who sits rocking her newborn to sleep with her foot, while she crochets little hats for premmie babies and gives them away for free to mothers in desperate need. The woman who listens to the heartbreak of others, being a shoulder to cry on, solace to their wounds, then goes home and juggles children, a household and a marriage of her own.

Stories of You

I want to tell these stories. Your stories.

At the core of every story is a flickering flame. The flame of who we really are and how we are all truly connected.

If you would like to nominate someone or yourself to be part of Stories of You, please email me directly at I’d love to meet you over coffee and hear your story.

The first Stories of You will unfold next Tuesday. I absolutely cannot wait!

Do you have a story to share?

  • Lovely idea Josefa. I started something called The International Mother’s Project a few years ago, which was a collection of women’s stories. As a website venture, it didn’t last, but I still have all the stories. They are very powerful. I will have a think who I can nominate.

  • Beautiful idea. How exciting for you and such a lovely idea for people to share their voice. Lovely images too x

  • LydiaCLee

    Lovely idea – and good for you!!

  • Beautiful Idea. There are so many people to meet and stories to share. Luisa from The Motherhood Herald xx

  • Pip Macdonald

    I guess technically I have a blog and therefore a voice so will think of someone’s story to tell who doesn’t have a voice 🙂 I love the underlying sense of community

  • Such a beautiful idea Josefa. I cant wait to read along next Tuesday. I’ll have a think about whether I can contribute. xx

  • What a wonderful idea! I look forward to reading these stories 🙂

  • The power of story telling is an ancient art to be treasured. It is wonderful you are encouraging others Josefa, I look forward to hearing the stories and voices out there. x

  • Fabulous idea Josefa! I will look forward to reading along!! 🙂

  • bodyandfeetretreat

    What a beautiful idea ! I can’t believe that you have been blogging for such a short time – you have such an amazing way with words !!!
    Keep these fantastic posts coming.
    Have the best day !

  • Rita

    This a beautiful idea Josefa! I’m looking forward to read these posts.

  • Sophie Allen

    Wonderful idea, and you will do an amazing job writing the stories.

  • Great idea Josefa. So important to give everyone the opportunity to be heard, and have a voice xx

  • I think you are the perfect person to do this Josefa, you seem to have your heart in just the right place x

  • What a lovely idea Josefa. I look forward to reading the stories that come to you. Love your photo’s for this post too 🙂 Min xo

  • Nee Say

    Gorgeous idea! As I mentioned in my post today, writing & sharing is the best therapy x

  • That is such a gorgeous idea Josefa. The are so many incredible stories just waiting to be told. I am looking forward to reading them here x

  • Loree

    What a wonderful idea. I can’t wait to read the first instalment.

  • The hardest thing about starting a blog is continuing a blog! Good for you that you’re still on that journey 🙂

  • MissMandy

    lovely idea, good on you.

  • Such a lovely idea! You are so wonderful to be doing this.

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