Pieces of Me

The Beginning

I tell stories. I connect with people. I enjoy the journey, the emotion and the connection I can make with words. Words are truly powerful. Especially in a world of social networking, online media and instant connections. The virtual reality of our lives now is phenomenal. To exist in our world today is to exist in the same world of everyone who sits in front of and communicates with a computer, a smart phone, a tablet. When my dreams of writing first came, the reality was simple; write something, take it to a journal, magazine, and publisher and ask for their approval. Then sit, wait and hope it was published. We all dream of being J.K Rowling and yet only one of us is. The dream of writing today is far from the truth of waiting, anticipating and placing yourself through the anguish and turmoil of having your work considered to be deemed good enough for print. I can now make the choice of what is published, or not, and when.

So here I am. Starting. The beginning. Where this road takes me and what becomes of it is unknown. The unknown, that is the part I like the most. The possibilities are endless. To part, I am in control. To a greater part, I am not. When I first sat down to write a “list” of blog ideas I came up with twenty-four titles and ideas without blinking once. I feel both excited and scared at the same time. I will write stories. I will write memories. I will write lessons. I will understand how important writing is for my soul. And I’ll drink a Kinnie or two along the way.

Now I can breathe. I have started. Part of me wants to tell the world everything I have bottled up inside for years. Yet, (pause) I will pace myself. I will not let this new adventure become another item I need to tick off my list. I will sit and enjoy the beauty of doing something I love. I will allow myself to feel proud and accomplished that I have reached this stage in my life. I will cherish the challenge that will slowly unfold as I let a dream actually happen.

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