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Ten More Summers

In the stream of social media I paused long enough to read an article a few weeks back, an article for the life of me I can’t find now to link to this post. Nevertheless the message of the article was important enough to linger. It was a parenting article that told the story of summer and how important the memories we make with our children over summer are. More so the article cautioned parents not to rush through summer or the holidays, quite simply because for some us we only have ten more summers left with our children.

Reading the words ten more summers I instantly thought of AJ who is turning nine, in ten more summers he will be nineteen. Nineteen – I had to soak that in for a minute without passing out. Ok, so at best I only do have ten more summers with him, before life and independence offer far more exciting summers than the ones spent with mum.

I almost stopped breathing.

Now I know that ten summers is ten years and ten years is a long time in anyone’s perception. But these last nine years have flown and maybe the next ten may go just as fast.


I think back to my childhood memories and most of my memories are of summer. Summer holidays we took as a family, summer outings with cousins, books I read over the summer, play dates and days at the beach over summer. Very few of my memories are of rainy winter days. Very few of my memories are cold and miserable. Almost all of my childhood memories are in the sun.

I guess that makes sense really since we spend most of winter in the routine of school days, scheduled sports and early nights in. The days are short, dark and cold and very little time is spent doing more than the everyday routine. Our summer days are spent so differently.

Summer days lie in the hands of the poets, the artists, the dreamers, those who paint the sky in wild dreams and abandon. Summer days catch us off guard and summer nights whisper promises in the amber haze of distant sunsets.


We have always jetted off on holidays the moment school is out and Christmas lunch leftovers are cling-wrapped and tucked away in the fridge. But not this year, this year we are staying home. When we are away on holidays I don’t give our days a second thought. We are always out on an adventure, whether it be a theme park, the beach, long days spent lunching with friends, there is always something carefree and memory worthy that we are doing.

As for this summer, I need to be careful that the memories we make are not only of mum spring cleaning and telling my boys to find something to do while I clear things around the house. It is easy to fall into that trap when we are home. The trap of ticking things off the list, catching up on things we have neglected to do all year. When what matters most is not so much the pile of boxes in the backroom or the old clothes you need to sort through.


Ten more summers, this summer is one of them. This summer I need to caution myself against old habits and perhaps be more conscience of hanging out with my boys. Doing fun stuff, every day, making sure my camera is always in my handbag, calling friends to catch up, being in the sunshine. All these things need to be important this summer when we are home, just as much as they are important when we are away.

Ten more summers, I want to make the most of every single one of them.

What are your plans for this summer? 


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  • LydiaCLee

    I love summer…actually, I love all holidays, but it’s quite the notion, 10 more summers. I only have 3 more with one…!

  • Lorna Dykstra

    Summers kill me. I hate the heat and tend to stay indoors. I feel guilty about it but I can’t help it. I always feel I am living in the wrong country because as soon as summer comes around, I get into a really awful mood and can’t wait till it’s over. But winters are mild here. So we make the most of them and make lots and lots of memories – especially during the Christmas and Easter holidays.

  • I know I take the time for granted. Just last night hubby mentioned at dinner jokingly that in 10 years miss 10 would definitely be on her own and she started crying at the table. My oldest starts high school in January and it does feel like each year goes faster the older they get.

  • This is a beautiful post. Those 10 years will be an eternity for your children, but time flie by ever more quickly for us adults. I try not to think too much about the future, so many thng can change, and my 3 year old is autistic, I just don’t know what the future will hold for him or us, but in the here and dnow, you are so right about being careul not to let getting “things” done get in the way of memory making with your family.
    Dai @ sand has no home

  • Cafe Conversation

    I totally agree with you, summer is for all this. Winter we are busy with sports, bustling our way through the emotional cold weather. But as our sports come to an end my son questioned what will he do over the summer. Nothing was my response, let’s not commit ourselves to another sport, lets instead keep our afternoons and weekends free, let’s go to the beach to the the park or a bike ride, let’s find the time for sleep overs and all that being spontaneous has to offer.

  • I feel EXACTLY like you. Summers are where the memories are kept. This summer we are going on our big family trip to Europe. We’ve been saving hard all year and it’s just around the corner now. Can’t wait! Look out memory bank!! x

  • For sure. Summer memories are the best. Even simple summer memories I have, that stem from the freedom of being an only child and bouncing on the trampoline until 8:30 at night in the warmth of twighlight, Christmas beetles floating by and the playlist of summer on the radio. Summer memories can be simple – you just need to remember to soak them in.
    And we are approaching the last summer with our Miss 17. Next year she is in the final year of school and will be free to choose what she does next summer. Of course, she won’t just disappear, but her coming and going will be of her own accord and it will so… different. xx

  • Oh boy, this feeling just gets worse and worse. I had it bad when Punky was only 1! Some days it feels like they are going to be little forever and the tears and tantrums will never end, but then I look at how fast Punky has gone from a baby to a little girl and I have to remember to take each moment as it comes and make the most of them, because these are the days I’ll miss in 20 years time. Lovely post Josefa 🙂

  • we love our summers as a family. We’ve started ours early! Last week was spent at the South Coast and this week we are in Manly. We are lying in the sand, building castles, taking a dip (them not me), surfing, playing tennis, eating out, watching movies …. We’re creating amazing memories.

    The time goes so very fast.

    I remember thinking when my girl was 6 that in ten more years she’d be 16. My heart stopped then.

    She is now 16. Shit. We’re still creating those summer memories …

  • Natalie @ Our Parallel Connect

    Oh no please don’t say this after what I have written.. Ash is 15 so I only have a few left and sadly she will want to spend most of it with her friends

  • We go away each year with extended family to Brunswick Heads in November, just before school breaks. It is this sweet space and time before the rush of Christmas that I really treasure. I love the lazy days of the school summer holidays as well, but it is always a bit of a juggle with work. One of my big things is getting up early – it really does feel like you get so much more time in summer. Really lovely words Josefa – poetic like the poets of Summer.

  • Beautiful post Josefa, I fall into that same trap of being at home and will need to be conscious of it also! I can’t wait actually, this year the youngest will be just turned 3 which means we can do so much more.

  • No plans at all, though I am thrilled to have some paid time off. I plan to do nothing and enjoy that I live near the beach.

  • Beautiful post. I can totally relate as I have a 10yo daughter and those years have gone by far too quickly. This summer will be even more special as our 6 month old baby girl will celebrate her first Christmas. We usually spend our summers quite simply, but trips to the beach are always remembered quite fondly.

  • You are tearing at my heartstrings, I will make every summer count. I only have hot summer day memories too, funny that.

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