Conversations over Coffee

Conversations with Belief

“How is the book coming along?” she asked.

“I’m slowly falling in love with it.”


There is a difference between the things we know and the things we believe.

The things we know can be black and white, matter of fact. The things we believe often live in a world of grey. Our instinct, our common sense tells us to rely only on the things we know. Follow them like a set of rules. Our instinct and common sense caution us against the things we believe.

Until the heart steps in. That is when sometimes what we believe in can change and they become the things we know with absolute certainty.

Change comes with consequence. Change comes with risk. Change, especially as we get older in life, becomes something for the young, the carefree. Change is not for the ones who juggle commitments and responsibility. Until something you believe in becomes something you know. That is when you can’t ignore it anymore.

Over the past year I have been juggling the consequences of change, or at least potential change. It has been months of listening to an internal conversation going over and over on itself. And over the last few weeks I think I have come to a new place. A quiet place. A place where only the things I believe in exist.

Part of me knows that I have believed in this new chapter all of my life. A voice I ignored and defeated with reason and logic. I don’t know what the future holds, or even what the consequence of this change will bring. But I can’t be true to myself if I don’t finally follow what I believe.


I wonder how many of us are in this exact same boat? Following the reason and logic. Knowing that being stubborn to commitments and responsibility no matter the cost to our mental health, our emotional health is what is right. But what if it is wrong?

What if the whole point to our very existence has nothing to do with the commitments and responsibility we think are so very right? What if the job, the relationship, the career, the responsibility and commitments we have been steadfast in knowing are right, are actually not? What if following what we believe in, abandoning the rules, will set us free in ways we cannot even imagine?

I’m not saying that abundant change is the answer for everyone. I can hardly commit to this being the answer for myself. But sometimes it is an answer we can no longer ignore.

Nothing is ever absolute. Perhaps that is the part we fall down in the most. Sometimes it is about changing what we know. In ways we have closed our eyes to believing.

What do you believe in?


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