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Be careful what you wish for

Be careful what you wish for is certainly not a new idiom to enter the lexicon, nor is it a particularly insightful one. Yet it is something I tend to have at the back of my mind, something I think about when I play out the days, the weeks, the months ahead.

I am certainly not afraid of wishing for things, or afraid of their consequences. More so, I feel that when you wish for something, it is always good – to be specific. Sometimes when you leave an open ended wish out there in the Universe, the consequences can be somewhat unexpected.

Case in point: a few weeks back I received a very lengthy, emotional text message from my sister. A rant, a vent, over a family issue, something she needed to get off her chest. A text message she ended with please don’t reply. I got it. She didn’t need advice or resolution from me. She just needed to clear her mind, her space and the text message did exactly that. But I did want to reply – with something a little funny, something to lighten up her mood.

So as I was driving home from the school run that morning I sent out a wish to the Universe – please let me think of something funny, something cool to send back to her by the time I get home. Now this is the part where you certainly do need to be very careful what you wish for. In the next moment I turned the corner, onto one of the busiest suburban streets in our area. Only to be confronted by a full grown adult male kangaroo madly hopping down the road, straight at my car!

The car in front of me swerved and came to a full speed halt barely missing the roo. I hit the brakes to avoid hitting him too. But part of me also stopped the car in sheer disbelief. Really? A kangaroo hopping down the road? My dialogue with the Universe is very real sometimes and that morning it could not have been more real. I’m sure somewhere in the distance I could hear a little laugh, a chuckle of someone notching up another win: Universe 1, Josefa 0.

When I got home I replied to my sister’s text message: A kangaroo just hopped in front of a car on the road – my car. Needless to say she picked up the phone and called me. Neither one of us able to speak from laughing so hard. I had lightened her mood, or at least the kangaroo did. So I had achieved what I wished for, yet certainly in the most unexpected of ways.


It has been four years today since I started writing this blog. In that time there have been so many things I have wished for. So many things that have come true in so many unexpected ways. Part of me sits here to write this post in sheer disbelief. So many words have been written, so many stories, so many connections. The result of which has been more far reaching that I ever could have expected.

Last year I celebrated my blog birthday by making three wishes. This year I celebrate my blog birthday being very careful in what I wish for. Not because I am afraid of the consequences or because I cannot be specific. I want to be open to all the possibilities. There is something very powerful and very different in believing everything is possible and then being open to all the possibility.

With each year the support and love of the community that gathers to read my words only strengthens. Even in moments when I am not writing and publishing I can still feel the presence of this amazing community and many times it has been a reassuring comfort to know you guys are here. Sometimes thank you can feel hollow and simplistic in our ever-full, all consuming world. But I am thankful, I am grateful.

Are you careful what you wish for?


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