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In 2013 I started the #convocoffee series on my blog. A monthly – then far less than monthly – link up. #convocoffee is where I met Kate. Back then she wrote the blog From Katie to Kate and I followed her stories and her dreams one linked post at a time.

Kate suffers from Usher syndrome. A condition that causes hearing loss and the eye disorder retinitis pigmentosa. While Kate was born deaf, it wasn’t until she was fifteen that her sight difficulties began to emerge.

Kate was told that she would be blind by the age of forty. And while that date has come and gone, Kate’s vision is deteriorating and the likelihood of science catching up with a break through before she is blind, does not seem likely.

Kate knows this, her husband and children know this and her heart knows this. The emotional burden of this fate is something very few of us would even understand. But Kate does not allow herself to be a burden. Instead she shines. An inspiration that once again tugged at my heart strings recently.

Scrolling through my Instagram feed I noticed a hashtag I had not seen before: #sunetsforkate. A tiny little voice inside my head said “that is Kate!” Yet logic said, Kate doesn’t write under that name, it can’t be her.

Well logic was wrong and after clicking through a few images I did come across the very same Kate. She now writes the blog Sunsets for Kate and the story behind the change could not be more moving.

A conversation with her husband about what she would regret the most when she does go blind, revealed that Kate wanted to see more sunsets, before she could not see them at all. When I read that I had to stop for a moment. Imagine never seeing a sunset. Imagine knowing that it wasn’t a possibility, but a matter of time.

#sunsetsforkate is Kate’s way to see the sunsets. People send in their sunsets, tag them on social media, write about them online, place a photo in her letterbox. Kate is receiving hundreds of sunsets. This post today, is one more of them.


I took this image driving down the highway on route from San Diego to Los Angeles. November last year. I caught my breath at how beautiful the moment was. Hubby driving down the freeway, kids asleep in the back. The moment was perfect, so much so, it almost didn’t seem real. I snapped the pic and sent it to two close people in my life. I simply said #californiadreaming. Today I share it with you #sunsetsforkate.

You see for me it is more than just pictures of sunsets. It is a person who has followed her dream. Her inner voice. Her inner calling. There is something truly powerful in that. Something we can all learn from. Just search the hashtag and you will see the hundreds of images streaming in. The hundreds of people connecting to Kate’s story. The hundreds of people finding a way to connect the sunsets to their own lives.

Kate once wrote “I vow never again to be living tomorrow before today. I will be present. Today.” Read that line out aloud to yourself. Let it sink in. How many of us live in tomorrow? Hustle and angst our way through today? Somehow by doing so, we miss both. Today and tomorrow. Isn’t about time we changed?

Please take a moment to click through and read Kate’s story. Take a moment to click through the hashtag on social media. More so, take a moment to share your own #sunetsforkate.

Kate, I enjoyed every single one of your linked up #convocoffee posts. But I think the post you never linked up, tore at my heart strings the most. Inspired me the most. I hope by sharing this story I can take your inspiration a little further, across one more person who doesn’t know it yet, but needs to remember how important our sunsets are. The sunsets of today xx Josefa


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  • Oh, tears before breakfast. I’ve actually thought about never seeing the faces of my boys again and been devastated by that thought. Definitely need to live in the moment.

  • Simply beautiful. This really made me stop and think, we often do not know the value of something until it is gone. You’ve both inspired me to get out and take time to observe more sunsets. Thank you x

  • LydiaCLee

    Lovely post. It is indeed the wisest of words “I vow never again to be living tomorrow before today. I will be present. Today.”

    • LydiaCLee

      Just sent her a sunset…

  • Josefa! What a pleasant surprise! Thank you for sharing my little passion project. It has been the most beautiful thing I have ever done, and between you and me, I’ve learnt something, ‘people LOVE sharing their sunsets’. It’s not hundreds and hundreds, Josefa. It’s thousands and thousands. Those, along with hundreds of messages have made me believe the world really is okay and will come together if you put out the call. Thank you Josefa for helping me share this dream. xx

    • Thousands and thousands Kate! Well that speaks volumes in itself. May you forever feel the blessings of these sunsets Kate & the warmth and love they bring to your life. It is moments like these that remind me too, that the world really is ok, that we are ok – maybe even more so – that what we are doing, is far more than we realise xx

  • This is the most beautiful post. I’ve got goosebumps and something in my eye. Thanks for the introduction, Josefa. Now I’m off into my photo files to dig out some sunset snaps…

  • What a beautiful idea. I couldn’t imagine never seeing another sunset, or looking at my children’s faces, Kate is truly inspiring!

  • What a simple and wonderful idea. I love sunsets and sunrises. (Also, if I never read the word hustle again, it will be too soon! If I could strike that word from assistance, I would.)

  • What a beautiful idea. Never seeing a sun rise or set again, or seeing your families faces is imaginable.

  • What a beautiful post Josefa. It’s really struck a chord with me. I always feel like I’m living for tomorrow – more time to get things done. This has definitely made me stop. Thank you. xx

  • Oh that’s so sad.

  • Josefa, this is so beautiful. Thanks for letting me know about sunsets for Kate. I’ll definitely join in xx

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