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Risk the fall and fly

After the birthday burnout of last year, I took on the birthday celebrations for AJ and PJ this year with a different approach. Fun, simple and no stress. The boys celebrate their birthdays only a month apart, so for the first time ever we decided to host a joint birthday for AJ turning eight and PJ turning six.

One party, one theme, one of everything – except cake. Fun, simple and no stress. Except that deciding a theme for two boys who both wanted different things was breaking my new birthday mantra. Until I made the decision for them. No Minecraft, no Lego, no Smurfs. The boys would celebrate a daredevil BMX party and the theme – ‘risk the fall and fly.’ Because more than anything else I wanted their birthday to be about daring to dream and doing everything to live that dream.


Fun, simple and no stress meant that we hosted the party at a local play centre. The boys invited friends from school and all our friends and family were there. Everyone together, one place, one big celebration. My sister put the party and the theme together perfectly. Keep it simple I insisted. Simple it was, but amazing it was too. For a little bit of fun we had a pop corn machine and much to everyone’s delight an ice cream bar. A soft serve machine delivering on demand vanilla ice cream all night and toppings to please everyone.


Now no daredevil BMX party would be complete with out a BMX daredevil and the awesome Scott entertained and wow’ed the audience. There is something about birthdays and creating a little magic, a little daredevil and a little fun that really makes me happy. I know it is only a birthday and it is only one day but my heart skips a beat seeing the smiles on my boys’ faces during their celebrations. Yes I wanted to keep things fun, simple and no stress. But I also wanted moments and memories that would last a life time.

Leading up to the birthday I chatted to friends, school mums, anyone who would listen asking about all the do’s and don’ts for a joint birthday. The one resounding don’t was to have one cake. It made sense, two birthday boys should equal two cakes. So two cakes were ordered. Two happy birthday songs were sung and AJ and PJ could not have been happier.

A huge thank you to my dear friend Belinda for the amazing job she did on the cakes. That particular day was super crazy for her, but despite all the other cakes and deliveries that were on her plate she created two beautiful cakes for my boys and delivered them just in time for making two birthday wishes and blowing out the candles.

In keeping it fun, simple and stress free party favours were books wrapped up with a book mark. Siblings went home with favours too. Vintage card games to play. And there was precut cake in sealed bags ready for everyone to take home.





Another year of birthday celebrations is now done and dusted. The moments have been captured and the memories linger. I cannot believe that we just watched our boys blow our eight candles on one cake and six candles on the other. My heart squeezes in tight thinking that these two precious little boys are growing up. Perhaps a little faster than I would like.

But that is just part of it isn’t it? Watching our children grow up. Stepping back ever so slightly with each year that passes and giving them every reason to believe that all their dreams can fly.


A special thank you to my amazing sister for making AJ and PJ’s birthday dreams come true. All our celebrations and birthdays are made extra special by all her love and attention. I think I treasure each one a little more knowing how much time and effort she puts into them for us. A special thank you to everyone who came together to make our AJ8 and PJ6 birthday fly.

Table styling, paperie & invitations: adelphi mou | Cake & pre-cut cake: Baked by Belinda | Popcorn & ice cream machine hire: All For Kids Party Hire | BMX entertainment: Scott Hone | Photography: Nadia Drapos Photography | Spectacular BMX table: my Dad


How often do you risk the fall and fly?

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