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Belinda: Baked by Belinda

Sometimes in life we endure stories of heart break, tragedy and pain that teach us important life lessons and define who we are. Yet sometimes we can learn just as important life lessons and find out who we are without the heart break. Sometimes we can learn these lessons through the simple things that make us happiest the most. Sometimes that happiness comes from cake. This is Belinda. This is her story.

Baked by Belinda

The Australian Women’s Weekly birthday cake book has weaved its way into so many childhood memories. From the cute little train to the iconic smarty clad number one, many children have photographs standing behind one of these cakes, blowing out their candles and making a birthday wish. Belinda remembers her mother baking a birthday cake for her each year from the Women’s Weekly book. Every year without fail her mum would bake a different cake to the year before. It is these memories that awakened something in Belinda. The whispered rituals of her childhood grew louder in voice as she stayed home to raise her three young sons.

Baked by Belinda

“I wanted my boys to remember their mum baking them their birthday cakes. That is how it started. I wanted my boys to have a cake on their birthday from their mum. Something they could look back on and something that could last in their memory.” Belinda has not always been a cake maker. She graduated university with a science degree and worked as a research scientist for many years before becoming a mum. Belinda loves the method and routine of science, the learning and discovery. But she made the decision to give that all up once she had her first son. She wanted to be a stay at home mum and be there to raise her three boys. But as the years started to pass her longing to do something for herself started to grow.

Baked by Belinda

The one question she gets asked the most is whether she will be going back to “work?” Belinda’s default answer has always been “yes.” She has always felt that it is the right answer and the answer that people want to hear. Belinda has never really listened to the voice begging to be acknowledged as a cake maker, until now.

Baked by Belinda

So how does a mum juggle three boys, a husband and baking all these amazing cakes? “My boys get it, because they understand the ritual of cake and how important it is to celebrate your birthday with cake. I explain to them that this cake is for a little boy or a little girl who is celebrating their birthday and will be making a wish upon when they cut their cake and it is as simple as that – not one cake touched by little fingers so far!”

Baked by Belinda

Yet, the long hours of moulding sugar and piping flowers happen as sweet little boys are fast asleep. Late nights and long hours into the early morning Belinda bakes. She jokes that her house is run and styled by three kids and the best part – it doesn’t matter. “It is important that my kids don’t only remember me washing the clothes, doing the ironing or cleaning the house. That they remember mum did something she loved, something she was good at and something she was proud of. Sure I remember my mum up at one in the morning ironing our clothes to get everything done, but she did so much more than that and I will always remember that about her.”

“You give up so much of yourself the moment you become a mum, the trick is to not feel lost and empty when that happens, instead we should embrace the change in our identity and the depth of definition that it now takes to define who we are. I want to teach my boys that it is ok to change direction, change your choices and change your career path in life. Our choices in life should be limitless.”

Each time Belinda ties on her apron and gets ready to bake the next cake she knows that her cake will be “the one thing that once a year you make a wish upon, the one time a husband and wife join and make a wish together. Nothing is more special than cake. I get the chance to create magic, what more could I ask for?”

For more of Belinda’s gorgeous cakes, stop by her Facebook page Baked by Belinda.

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What is your most treasured cake memory or moment?

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by eighteen years of friendship, five little boys between us and so many of life’s moments shared together, time does not weigh down on the moments shared by friends.

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  • Leanne Shea Langdown

    Wow!! She is amazing. Those cakes are absolute perfection.
    Leanne @ Deep Fried Fruit

  • TeganMC

    I’m always in awe of people who can create beautiful cakes like that! If I can get the icing to not look like someone threw up on the cake then I am happy. I am definitely not a domestic goddess lol!

  • LydiaCLee

    WOW! That minion is amazing!

  • What beautifully decorated cakes, you are incredibly talented Belinda!

  • Courtney Gély

    My treasured cake memory, or should I say memories are endless and come thanks to my beautiful, late grandmother. Like Belinda, my grandmother came into cake decorating late and I can remember every birthday, choosing the cake that we wanted. For Easter and Christmas, she would make our KK gifts for other students (Gingerbread houses or decorated Easter eggs, eggs in chocolate nests etc). But I guess it was her passion that I remember most and the joy in her eyes when she saw just how much we loved and appreciated her new creations. She has left a legacy in each of her grandchildren that we (too) find joy and passion in cakes for our children.

  • Nicki Grech

    Beautiful story and amazing cakes! I can totally relate to you Belinda, as I too needed to find myself and a passion once having my 2nd son as going back to work was not an option. My most treasured cake memory would have to be my oldest sons first birthday. Nothing will ever compare to watching him blow (more so spit) out his first candle and dive head first into it!

  • Wow! What an amazing talent you have Belinda. And how important is it that our kids remember us doing something we loved. That is just gold! (Also love that your house is styled by three kids! – love it!)

  • Pip (@melbournelass)

    Boy – how lucky are your kids and your cake-eating, birthday celebrating recipients?! What a fantastic skill and creative art you have that’s bringing so much happiness to little lives – and no doubt big lives too. I’d love to have this skill – alas my butterfly cakes turn out looking more like mini pavs. You’re so artistic Belinda!

  • OMG! those cakes are amazing

  • The patience it must take is amazing – your creations are amazing Belinda.

    My favourite cake memory is spending DAYS creating the horse merry-go-round cake – in the newer Australian Women’s Weekly cookbook, for my daughter’s 1st birthday. I bought the craft horses, hand painted them, found poles and twined ribbon around them, and then used tweezers to painstakingly add couchous to the outside of the cake. I followed it to the letter and it tooks DAYS. I had my mum helping, well helping to keep me sane, and you know she would not have known if I had done that or not – but I knew and have the pics to prove it!!

  • I am a big fan of making my own kids cakes, but I just couldn’t do it with this passion, and I greatly admire her for it. Love also, that she is modelling that kind of life for her boys. So important for kids to see their parents pursuing the things they love.

  • Jo

    AMAZING! your work is perfect and stunning. What a talent! I will be in contact for my little one’s first birthday cake

  • Deb @ In All Things

    Amazing. My S-I-L received her first home-made birthday cake when she turned 21 – I always thought that was pretty sad. I love that Belinda has turned this into a passion and the lesson that she is teaching her boys – “Our choices in life should be limitless.”

  • I am completely blown away by those photos of Belinda’s cakes! My most treasured cake memory is baking and decorating a princess castle cake with my mum for my birthday. We used ice cream cones for the turrets and lined the path leading up to the castle with smarties.

  • How beautiful and beautifully written Josefa x x

  • Emily Morgan

    Wowee what beautiful cakes and what a talented lady! Someone’s going to be very lucky!

  • Lucy @ Bake Play Smile

    Oh gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!!! I love these! That is talent and artwork at it’s best! So jealous!! xx

  • Renee at Mummy, Wife, Me

    Love the disclaimer 🙂 These cakes are just divine. What a talented woman Belinda is! Meanwhile, the words in the first par, are they yours or Belinda’s? My husband said virtually the same thing to me the other day, except the part about the cake 🙂 It’s quite freak really.

    • Yay, someone read the disclaimer! That first paragraph is all me Renee, the rest is Belinda’s story xx

  • Elise

    What a gorgeous story, I am in love with her statement of wanting her children to remember her doing something she loves. And your disclaimer is simply the most delightful thing I have ever read. My favourite cake memory is mum bringing out an artists palette cake, a labour of love from the good old womans weekly cake. I remember being so thrilled that it wasn’t a plain brown circle cake, and since I wasn’t started school yet I must have been only 3 or 4.

  • Beautiful. I love Belinda’s last line “I get the chance to create magic, what more could I ask for?” Truly what more could you ask for out of life. So amazing to follow your heart and dreams like that it always makes for a successful story. Thank you for sharing.

  • We have used the Womens Day Cake Book for each of our boys over the years – I remember baking the 3D Duck Cake, and we added baby ducks next to it. Well in the Night the cake fell over and we had to do a quick fix up with “Tooth Picks” before his Party started!!! It was way too funny and brings back good memories.
    Have also done the Train Cake – that was a lot of fun.

  • sonya blyton

    I Cherish each and every birthday cake I create for my children as each cake represents a special moment for all of us on there birthday.

  • Robyn (Mrs D)

    Oh my goodness those cakes look too beautiful to eat. Did Belinda make the mini mouse cakes too??? I have kept a photo of those for my little girls 2nd birthday next year. Loved your story too – change is sometimes wonderful x

    • I completely agree, change is something we should embrace not be fearful of xx Frostalicious Cupcake Creations were the hands behind the Minnie Mouse cupcakes, although I’m sure Belinda could whip up a few in no time 😉

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