Conversations over Coffee

Conversations with My Hairdresser

“You want what?”
“I’m sick of my straight hair, I need a change?”
“But I haven’t done one of those for almost twenty years!”
“Please, I really want curls.”
Shaking his head, stopping to wipe the sweat that had formed on his brow,
“I’ll try and order the largest perm curlers there are.”
“There is one more thing.”
“I want to be a blonde.”

Conversations with My Hairdresser

My love affair with my hairdresser is no secret. He is fabulous, Italian and amazing with a pair of scissors and GHD. Back when I was in high school and needed to be saved from a horrendous bowl cut, I was introduced to Tony. Since that day, we have shared a date almost every six to eight weeks – without fail.

Everyone loves Tony. My cousins go to Tony. My mum, my sister, my best friend and all her family, go to Tony. He is part of the family. When my cousins and aunts from Malta plan a visit to Australia – one of the first things they ask is for us to book them an appointment with Tony!

Conversations with My Hairdresser

Sitting in that black chair, wrap on, hair wet and waiting, Tony and I have always managed a great conversation. At the beginning, when I was still in high school, we spoke about exams, studying and what I was going to wear to the end of year formal. Later in life, things changed drastically in both our lives and we found ourselves talking about our weddings (only a week apart!) and later talking about our children.

Conversations with My Hairdresser

There is something about sitting in a chair at Tony’s salon that opens up a whole new world of conversation. Sometimes we sit there and talk about the mundane. Other times we sit and chat about the crazy. Sometimes we sit there and don’t chat at all; eavesdropping into the conversation happening in the chair next to us, holding back smirks and giggles.

A head full of foils and smothered in peroxide seems to give a person certain clarity about life. Tony and I have sat there and overheard the world’s problems solved, school parking issues sorted, dress codes for school drop off debated and the perfect wedding etiquette guide re-written many times over.

Tony and I have done it all together. Long hair. Short hair. Undercuts. Foils. Fringe. No fringe. Perm, and blonde. In our history together, I have only had one indiscretion and learnt the hard way that love affairs like this one only come once. So the years ahead hold many more coffees and conversations with Tony.

Conversations with My Hairdresser

I especially loved my last appointment. I was sitting in my chair with Jess blow drying my hair, while, in the chair next to me sat PJ. Wrapped in his little Wiggles cape, hair wet, sitting so quietly and patiently – while Tony cut his hair. Eavesdropping, I heard PJ tell Tony all about the latest level he had just passed on Angry Birds.

Conversations with My Hairdresser

I smiled. A deep, knowing smile. Tony was going to be a part of our family for many more years to come.

The next Conversations over Coffee link will open on
Thursday March 28, 2013 (7am EST).

The theme is Conversations with the Easter Bunny.

What conversations do you have with your hairdresser?



  • Rhianna

    Tony sounds just lovely you lucky thing. A good hairdresser is so hard to find. Fairy wishes and butterfly kisses lovely

  • Loree

    If I ever visit Australia, I will ask you for a date with Tony 🙂 My hairdresser is wonderful too. he works magic on my unruly curls 🙂

  • Every time I find a hairdresser I like she leaves! Not fair!!!!!

  • Twitchy Corner

    If you ever need a back up, or Tony goes on holiday, I can recommend another fabulous Italian hairdresser called Joe. Just let me know if an emergency crops up 😉

  • Eleise Hale

    Italian hairdressers are the best! I had a love affair with one too, only problem he lived in Italy! I now have an awesome hairdresser, I just don’t get there often enough.

  • Oh, this makes ME want to go see Tony! So nice to have a long term hairdresser you trust with your hair and your secrets! My hair dresser just broke up with me and moved away 🙁

  • Annaleis

    I love male hairdressers. I especially love them because they dont have babies and not come back to work when I have just found a great one. Glad you have a great one!

    • Annaleis

      PS Stopping by from #TUST

      Annaleis – Blogs and PR Team Member

  • I have been seeing my hairdresser for 5 years – and our relationship has got to that point where she almost knows what I’m going to say before I say it. Love the Wiggles cape 🙂 Emily @ Have a laugh on me

  • Rach- Hopeful Rae of Sunshine

    I have NEVER had a hairdresser like this I soooo want a Tony of my own now 🙂

  • Sophie Allen

    I used to have a ‘Tony’ when I was growing up. He cut all of our families hair, he was about 10 years older then me. So I was one of his guinea pigs in the early days. He used to scold me jokingly as I would wiggle my eye brows all over the place while he tried in vein to cut a nice straight fringe.

  • Robyn (Mrs D)

    Aaaah he sounds FABULOUS!! I had a ‘Tony’ in England before we moved to Australia and I miss her desperately ! (visiting from TUSK)

  • I used to have a Tony but he went overseas! I have a hairdresser I visit regularly now but just quietly, I want a divorce and I’m too afraid to do it. She is lovely but I just feel she is too conventional and safe. I prefer a male hairdresser. One day I will do it I guess!!

  • Catherine RodieBlagg

    I had a hairdresser like that in London. His name is David and he treats every hair cut like a work of art. Sometimes I’d get irritated that it took so long but I was always thrilled with the results. I’m still looking for my Aussie equivalent!

    • Catherine RodieBlagg

      PS – I’m thinking you should share a photo of you with the blonde perm – I just can’t imagine!

      • Catherine – it was horrible – and the worst part? For two years, I thought I loved it – my hands tremble just thinking about those days….

  • Love your blog will have to try and hook up one of these days. I normally don’t blog on Thursdays. Will have to keep my eye out for a theme I can blog about.

  • I love my hairdresser too. His name is Tom. My last two haircuts I have had a baby or child on my lap. My last haircut he insisted I didn’t pay for, even though he’s in high demand. He used to work for NY fashion week.

  • Lydia C. Lee

    I don’t have a hairdresser, but I will pop by for the Easter Bunny…..

  • My hairdresser is also my best friend. Her salon is like my second home.

  • Carla_saftc

    You are SO smart…my hairdressers have always been female which is highly traumatic when they keep leaving to have children!!! How did the blonde perm turn out???

  • Nee Say

    Such an amazing thing to have a hairdresser you can trust. So many good ones I’ve had have moved on!

  • Michelle

    Im a bit of a hairdressing tart, I find someone for a few years but then I go off them and find someone else. I like to have a bit of chit chat what are you doing this weekend kind of thing. But then what I really relish is sitting back with a magazine and cuppa and enjoying some me time! Sounds like you and your hairdresser have a fantastic relationship, I want to see the after photos 😀
    Saying hi from Blogs & PR link up

  • Oh you are so lucky!!! Everytime I get a hairdresser I love, she ends up leaving town! I’ve got an appointment next week, and who knows who I will get!!

  • bodyandfeetretreat

    I think I would like to have a Tony as well !!! My hairdresser chats away the whole time – you can’t get a word in edgeways but I would prefer to have some peace and quiet !!
    Have the best day !

  • Twitchy Corner

    Ok- have added my linky as agreed on Conversations with a Beauty Therapist- because I don’t have anything for hairdresser! Spray tans, waxing and which side of the Brazilian fence… :O

  • Author Bek Mugridge

    Oh its so hard to find the perfect hairdresser! Tony sounds fabulous 🙂
    Did you go curly and blonde?? How does it look?

  • Beck

    A good hairdresser is a friend for life. Seriously did you go blonde ? Is your hair curly ? if it is, you ROCK …… a drastic change deserves a grand applause 🙂

    • I did and it was….but then a summer of sun and chlorine made it go all dry and orange! so chopped it off into a bob and went back to black 🙂

  • I’d love a hairdresser like Tony, he seems like the kind of hairdresser you could totally talk to! You need a hairdresser who understand your personality, lifestyle and what you are trying to achieve out of a haircut. Someone who doesn’t look at you weird when you bring in a picture of what you’d like to have done !My current one is lovely but a bit too judgmental… I don’t know how long we will last !
    Bet your hair looks gorgeous xx

  • Grace

    My hairdresser is all sorts of amazing and we’ve actually become great friends away from the salon. My only gripe about him? He’s way obsessed about Kylie 🙂
    Now, a blonde perm on you? That I have to see!

  • Danya Banya

    I’ve moved around and travelled too much to be faithful. But I do have a secret favourite hairdresser stashed away for special occasions. 🙂

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