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Diary of a Virgin Blogger – The Haircut

It seems that an eternity has passed since my leap of faith. May has quickly become September and now that exhilarating, overwhelming leap of faith is a little bit of a fizzle. A little bit of a fizzle and a whole lot of “what have I done?”

Wandering around the house on the weekend it dawned on me that I am not only going to the Pro-blogger conference, but I am going there with barely my ankles wet in the world of blogging.

My head: Maybe I should sell my ticket?
My gut: You’ll be fine.

So what better way to tackle the overwhelming anxiety?     Be prepared, get ready, get active!

In the calamity of my thoughts one stood out: get a haircut. Yep, being prepared should drown out the anxiety and getting a haircut is being prepared.

I have had a long love affair with my hairdresser for the better part of twenty years. I have never betrayed our relationship, not even once. But he is a man of many love affairs and so a last minute appointment on a Saturday would be impossible. My mind was a whirlwind that weekend, so instead of ringing up and making an appointment for the week of the conference I found myself down at the local shops knowing there were two hairdressers there that I could pop my head into. As I drove down and parked the car I kept thinking “I only need a trim, how hard can that be?” Surely.

I sat down in the chair, ignoring the hair on the floor that had not been swept up all day. I sat there as a stranger cloaked me in a black cape and reached for the water spray bottle. “The spray bottle?” a voice inside me shrieked. I gasped as she began to wet only the ends of my hair. I ignored the screams of “get up and run” coming from deep within the roots of each hair follicle. I sat there and watched, very much like a two-dimensional animated emoticon, as this stranger cut, trimmed and destroyed my hair.

Oh the shame. Oh the dread. Oh the disappointment. What had I done?

I paid my cash, lied and told her it looked great and dashed straight into the local chemist. “All this needs is a new colour,” I thought to myself. I grabbed my box of Dark Brown Allure and dashed home.

An hour later, colour in, hair washed and blow dried and I sat there looking at myself in the mirror.  My only thought was “this is exactly the opposite of what I should have done leading up to the conference, absolutely the opposite.” I sent a photo to my sister of my hair. Her reply, “Shave it off.” My dread was now ten-fold.

So my day ended far worse than it began. I now carried the added anxiety of wondering if my hair would grow enough by the time of the conference for this new style to have grown out, or at least be long enough to disguise terrible with messy with the aid of a GHD and some hair gel.

But far worse than any of that, I faced the reality of my adulteress ways. I had to face him. There would be no denying the evidence of my sins as I walked through his salon again. No denying that I had betrayed our relationship. No denying that I had betrayed our trust. Would we speak of it openly and honestly? Or would we both sit there in silence, each knowing the truth and the guilt, not saying a word? The mere thought of that day to come, made me shudder.


  • There is nothing worse than getting a shit haircut. I have struggled for the past 8 years to find a decent hairdresser and just when I did she went and got pregnant and went on maternity leave (I can’t blame her though, it was actually quite nice as we were both pregnant at the same time, about 6 weeks apart, so shared many a pregnancy moment while she was doing my hair) and since then I haven’t been able to find anyone good, her replacement has her own ideas on how she will cut my hair, completely ignoring what Tammy used to do and left instructions to do! But I am growing my hair out now, both as a protest to shit hairdressers and because I am bridesmaid at a wedding in March and want to be able to have options for hairstyle.

    I hope you have fun at the blogging conference. After almost 4 years blogging I have never been to one because the fear and nervousness has always gotten the better of me.

  • Judy Haughton-James

    Hi Josefa,
    It is great that you will get the chance to go to a conference with other bloggers. I have never had such an opportunity. I am sorry that the haircut did not work out but before you know it your hair will grow back. I am a new Follower from Jamaica. I am following on Twitter and by email. Take care and enjoy the conference.

    • welcome and hi! i’m sure i’ll have a few stories to write about after this conference, stay tuned xxx

  • daddownunder

    Nothing screams imminent bad haircut like a spray bottle.

  • Oh no, you poor thing but I bet you secretly look great. And that’s so exciting that you’re going to a conference. I’m dreaming of the day I’ll make it to one so for now, I’m hoping for lots of lovely bloggers to tell the tales of what they’ve learned so I can live through them 🙂 Welcome to this whole blogging business xxx

  • Grace

    Oh, getting a bad haircut is the worse feeling! I’m sure you still look great. And remember, as you’ll be meeting people for the first time, they won’t know any better 🙂
    Hope I get the chance to meet you!

    • I hope we get a chance to meet too! maybe newbies to the conference should wear a yellow ribbon so we can easily identify each other…ha ha!

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