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Conversations with the Easter Bunny

Remembering the Easter of my childhood. Good Friday was always spent at home. There was no rush for school. The television would be on the Good Friday Appeal. The house would be heavy with the scent of roasted almonds. My Dad would cook all day. He would bake sweet Maltese pastries, figolli, that we would only have at Easter. They were delicious, melt in your mouth pastries that I would anticipate from one Easter to the next. Mum would be busy all day, washing up after Dad, ironing our Easter clothes for Sunday’s mass. These memories fill me with a sense of calm.

Conversations with the Easter Bunny

Fast forward to now and Easter creeps up and takes me completely by surprise. Despite always having good intentions to be prepared, I never am. Easter is a frantic rush. Last minute dashes to fluorescent filled shopping centres buying overpriced chocolates, and then rushing home to collapse in exhaustion. At the end of it all, the only thing I find myself grateful for is the long weekend. While I spend hours and hours meticulously planning birthday parties and Christmas celebrations, Easter is always overlooked.

AJ came home earlier this year with his school newsletter and I was excited to read that he would be having an Easter bonnet parade on his last day of term. That very week I went out and bought him a little blue hat; while images of hot glue guns, little bunnies and ribbons danced in my head. Yet that little blue bonnet has sat, collecting dust in my study, for weeks now. Price tag still attached, sitting there alone, with no sign of Easter decorations or life.

Conversations with the Easter Bunny

Compelled to change my ho-hum Easter habits I went out and bought the last remaining Easter craft decorations sitting on the shelf and a hot glue gun. When I was a child, my mother would spend hours making my Easter bonnets, year after year. Bonnets with ribbons and bunnies, bonnets covered in chocolate eggs. Bonnets that had rabbit ears and bonnets that I would sometimes need to balance very carefully on my head.

Conversations with the Easter Bunny

It may only be small, but making AJ his Easter bonnet is a start. I profess no crafting elegance or grace, but I tried my very best. With every bunny I glued on and pipe cleaner I twirled a sense of pride came over me. Proud that my son would wear a bonnet made by his Mum.

Conversations with the Easter Bunny

On Good Friday, the television will be set to the Good Friday Appeal. On Sunday, as a family, we will go to mass. Raising my boys in a household that is Australian, Maltese and Greek almost begs me to pay more attention to this celebration.

Conversations with the Easter Bunny

The list of traditions is endless. The opportunity to create these traditions in my own house is too good to simply pass up on. Even if I only start with a hat.

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How do you celebrate Easter? Have you made an Easter bonnet?

  • Guest

    The hat is gorgeous Josefa, well done! I must admit, I look forward to my kids being of the age where they need hats for the Easter parade. I’ve been reading lots about ‘figoli’ and I really must find some to try.
    Most of my memories of easter are of staying with family in the country. Good times. I remember using the foil easter egg wrapping to make clothes for my troll dolls 😉

  • Such a cute hat!! I loved making a hat for the Easter Parade!!! Once you get to Highschool its a bit sad that the tradition doesn’t continue!! I am looking forward to my daughter participating in it next year!!

    I have a glue gun.. with lots of buttons.. for an activity I wanted to do.. but scared of burning my fingers off 😛

    Happy Easter!!

    #TUST visiting 🙂

    • the hot glue gun can be a bit dicey – my poor kitchen cabinets had a little incident with it!

  • Annaleis Topham

    Josefa those bunnies are so cute. Love the hat simple and fun. Have a wonderful Easter, popping over via #TUST

  • Loree

    Oh what a cute hat. I love anything that has bunnies on it.

  • LydiaCLee

    that easter hat is way more sophisticated than my stick a load of easter crap on cardboard effort…guilt, guilt…

    • no guilt! this hat was super easy – took all of ten minutes to hot glue gun together!

  • Pip Macdonald

    Beautiful bonnet! I still remember how proud I was of my bonnet with those very same bunnies on when I was in grade 2. Good job Josefa, bet he’ll remember it too

  • Leanne Shea Langdown

    That is a great Easter Bonnet! OMG. You rock!
    I will be doing a whole spiel on the easter bonnet thing on Tuesday. I remember one Easter bonnet parade that rendered me “damaged” for life (LOL).
    Ny kids have never had one! I wonder why ….
    Leanne @ Deep Fried Fruit


    Super cute easter hat. I was just laughing with another blogger earlier this week about how glue guns rule! x

  • Mrs Holsby

    I think family tradition is important….it’s important for us and our children to create lasting memories.
    I haven’t thought about Easter traditions because I haven’t yet decided what I’m going to teach my kids about Easter. I have a Catholic background, but have chosen a different path.
    I reckon a hat is a good start though…Yep, gonna make us a hat!

  • You know I have never once been to an Easter parade! How sad is that!
    Easter is hugely important to us. I did blog about it, but wasn’t sure if it would fit with this weeks convo?

    • your post touched on Easter in a way that no other post has Jess – loved reading your sentiments xx

  • Kirsty @ My Home Truths

    We don’t have any Easter traditions but I also helped put together some Easter hats this year – again, leaving it to the last minute – don’t think you’re alone in that Josefa!

    • as long as it is ready for the parade – that’s all the counts right Kirsty? xx

  • Lara at This Charming Mum

    Oh, the bonnet is beautiful. Gosh, I could just smell your childhood Easter memories. I love the smell of roast almonds. We don’t have any special traditions – we make it up as we go. Perhaps it’s time to start some?

    • the smell of roasting almonds is intoxicating – such a poignant reminder of Easter for me xx

  • Great Easter bonnet! My poor mum never lived down the year she forgot all about it so my lil sis wore an icecream container (undecorated) on her head!

  • Emily @ Have a laugh on me

    Our tradition is heading to my parents to give the kids an awesome Easter egg hunt on their little lifestyle block of land, visiting cows and eating LOTS of chocolate x

  • I remember making Easter bonnets at school…That was a latent memory! Our Easter traditions are Easter egg hunts. I am carried this through for our children. On Sunday, we had a little hunt for my daughter and her neighbour. We don’t eat much chocolate in our house, but the excitement the hunt gives them is worth the sugar rush! xx

  • Grace

    Oh, what a fabulous hat, Josefa! We don’t have Easter traditions but I think when the boys are a little older, we’ll use the long weekend to go camping. Hope you had a great one! x

  • bodyandfeetretreat

    What a great hat !!! We didn’t have any Easter traditions – we all just enjoyed the long weekend !!!!
    I am so uncrafty it just isn’t funny – luckily any Easter bonnets were made at school otherwise K would have had to stay at home on the day of the parade !!!
    Have the best week !

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