Nine Months More

Lego birthday party

Standing on a chair, behind his huge Lego cake. Front tooth missing. Face all sweaty from running around. Pockets full of treats and trinkets scavenged from the burst piñata. Grandparents, aunts, uncles, godparents and cousins – all eyes in the room – on him.

In his squeaky, adorable six year old voice, “Thank you everyone for coming to my party. I’m so happy.”

The hearts in the room melt. Oh-so sweet child. What an adorable little boy.

Yet, his pause was deliberate, for he wanted the emotion to build, the atmosphere to suffocate just a little, as he pulled on everyone’s heart strings – to finish his speech with “I’m so happy, with the cake!”

No one can pull at my heart strings more than my little boys and in that moment I melted. The room cracked with laughter and in my arms he fell. Hugs abound as I squeezed him a little tighter, in disbelief that here we were celebrating six.

Lego party

It felt like only moments before, that we had our first night. Only moments before, that he had turned one. When I made his speech, while he wriggled in my arms trying to get his hands on the cake. Now, all on his own, he had the room enthralled, cheeky humour and devilish antics to match.

Our house had been transformed into Casa di Lego. There were tubs upon tubs of Lego bricks to play with. Cities, towers and castles were created. Lego games were played. Lego activities scribbled with Lego crayons. Lego soap to wash your hands. Face painting, balloon animals and a piñata. A Lego version of pin the shark on the Lego scene – where everyone cheated! Lego blue velvet cupcakes that were a hit! A Lego photo booth – so that moments like these – were captured and frozen in time.

Memories that make my heart swell. Moments that make being a Mum to my boys the greatest blessing I have.

Lego party

Lego party Lego party Lego party
Lego party Lego party

Lego party

A special thank you to all the incredibly talented people, who made all of AJ’s birthday wishes come true;

adelphi mou for the perfect invitations and custom paperie, that made the party complete
Frostalicious Cupcake Creations for the divine cupcakes and edible cupcake toppers
Inside the Brick for hours of Lego building and fun
Kiddly-Winks for the amazing face painting and balloon animal creations
Sweet Louise for her incredible Lego-man cake

My mum for all her hard work sewing, cutting, pasting and arranging – that only comes from the pure love a grandmother can have for her grandson xx

If you would like a closer look at all these images and moments, they can be found here
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To purchase Lego printable’s from this party – please click through to the Etsy listing here:  Printable Toy Brick ‘Lego Inspired’ Photo Props by adelphi mou


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