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Summer Dreaming – Tiger Tribe Giveaway

aj_sdc_200Summer dreaming is easy to do lately. As the year winds down all I look forward to are endless summer days not doing very much at all.

We are spending this summer at home, not away. A summer where the pace slows right down. Where the schedule gets put away for next year. Where the most important things are not things at all.

Lazy days at home catching up on books, late afternoons at the beach, long summer nights catching up with friends. Summer dreaming.



Summer days where the most important thing to do is take it slow. Create things, unwind together, be present and not distracted and enjoy each other’s company.

Days where what is important to one person, becomes important for all of us. Days where we listen and not ignore each other. Colouring in, reading books, imaginations running wild.

Days where imagination is on the go, restaurants, café’s, afternoons with friends – taking it with us and keeping it going. Summer dreaming.




Projects done together, passions shared. A giant colouring map a challenge for the whole family, not just for one. Jigsaw puzzles laid out on tables for weeks on end. Chess board dusted off and set up. Piles of old books set beside the couch.

Moments when games are important, old movies are important, walks to the shops for ice cream become an adventure and not a chore.

Knowing that this summer is not about missing out, but gaining so much more. Slowing down the pace. Summer dreaming.





Believing in our dreams and talking about them out aloud. Dreams taking flight as they catch the breeze. Dancing softly in the air before landing back down in our hearts and our reality.

Visions of becoming famous YouTube stars and even more famous authors talked about with purpose and passion. Title debated, channels named, opening nights planned, as if they already happened yesterday.

Laying down in the warm summer grass looking up into the sky knowing that everything is possible. Summer dreaming.



Time for nonsense and games. For chasing each other up the stairs and back again. Time for the soccer ball to always sit by the back door ready for the park.

Time spent with all the people that we love and moments where time hardly matters at all. Watermelon evenings at Nanna’s and kitten cuddles at Aunty’s place.

Time spent with new babies only just born and screaming cousins down the hall. Times where summer days’ weave tight threads in our hearts, threads that become cherished memories that define us. Summer dreaming.

tiger tribe giveaway_2015

I couldn’t think of a better way to spend my summer, than with my boys and my family. Endless days of everything my heart puts on hold as the year slowly takes its toll. I couldn’t think of a better way to entertain my boys this summer than with Tiger Tribe and the tugs and pulls their products have on the imagination of my boys’. I couldn’t think of a better way to share my summer dreaming than offering all these gorgeous Tiger Tribe products to you.

One summer dreaming reader of always Josefa will take home: Street Art Colouring Set, Dinosaur Colouring Set, The Lovely Book of Lettering, Garden Stencil Kit, Giant Poster, Patternation, a Mini Melody and the Flash Animal Cards – a total value of $158.60. (Open to Australian residents only, one entry per person)


To enter answer below:
what are you summer dreaming about?


Disclosure: I was a little sad this year thinking that my boys had possibly outgrown Tiger Tribe and I would miss out on continuing my incredible relationship with such a great company. But I was pleasantly surprised to see how much my boys fell in love with this year’s keepsake of products. I guess one is never too old for imagination or products that brings us closer to each other with less distraction and more love. Thank you Tiger Tribe, my boys keep their keepsakes on their bedside tables and that speaks volumes on how much they love them xx


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  • I’m summer dreaming of backyard swims and barbeques and play and homemade icy poles 🙂

  • LydiaCLee

    I’m dreaming of school ending so I can stop spending so much time in the stupid car – it’s destroying me!

  • kookla123

    I’m summer dreaming of a tropical island filled with sun
    A beautiful family holiday, where we’d have so much fun
    Visiting beaches, and exploring rainforests for hours
    Picnicking, then cooling off with waterfall showers….

  • sapna

    I’m summer dreaming of frozen watermelon trees, pineapple icy poles, making sand castles on the beach and some quite mindful drawing & colouring sessions with kids 🙂

  • marypreston

    I’m summer dreaming about family and friends, love and laughter, fun, food and festivities.

  • Summer is about full bellies, laying around the floor, sandy feet after trips to the beach, playing with new toys, snoozy movie time, water fights, gentle planning for a new year ahead, and time with one another. Nothing more, nothing less.

  • Beautiful post as always Josefa. I’m summer dreaming of relaxing in our outdoor area watching the girls enjoy their new trampoline for Christmas.

  • That dinosaur colouring set looks fabulous! I’m looking forward to spending a week up north surrounded by family. #TeamIBOT

  • Oh we ADORE Tiger Tribe here too! Isn’t it just the loveliest? I am summer dreaming about how we are crashing my parents holiday to Noosa on Boxing Day and how my children and my parents will ADORE having each other close-by…we really all get on so well. I’m dreaming about #backboy AKA The Husband, NOT having third round of spinal surgery before Christmas but being about to enjoy the surf and the sand with us. I’m dreaming about time spent with cousins and friends and just taking it super-slow. Lots of running, jumping and playing but also lots of reading, drawing, colouring and creating.

    • Hi Megan I simply LOVE your Summer Dreaming! So much so, you are the winner of the Tiger Tribe giveaway! Congratulations xx

  • Days camping at the beach. Jumping icy cold water when the sun makes you too warm, then lying on the sand when the water makes you too cold. Stories by the campfire, and wine in camping mugs when the kids are sound asleep.
    And lots and lots of writing!

  • Sarah from Bubsandbeans

    Playing outside with the kids, taking them all for big rides, walking around the local park and watching the ducks and planning holidays for later in the year, when the summer sun has gone away

  • Emily Burn

    Sandy feet coming home from the beach, picnics with friends, fresh fruit ice blocks and backyard paddling pools are all part of a perfect summer to me!

  • Amanda

    I’m summer dreaming about family bbq’s, cooking while my kids squeal with excitement running through the sprinkler. It’s the simple things.

  • Amy Attwood

    I’m summer dreaming about long days spent outdoors with my toddler. Splashing in her kiddy pool, making castles in her sandpit, running around kicking a ball and drawing pictures with chalk on the pavement. Plus eating icecreams together! Nothing beats being outside together playing, laughing and creating!

  • Annaliesea

    I’m summer dreaming about building sand castles. Watching the kids mastering that perfect mix of wet and dry sand, the perfect flip of the bucket (too slow and the sand will spill, too fast and the bucket inevitably tumbles) and finding the perfect decorations to finish it all off – time to go on a shell hunt!

  • Peta-Lee Bartlett

    Peaceful mornings, no school runs. Giggles, laughter and family fun. Summer fruits and days by the pool, waterfights to keep cool. Icecream dates and special treats, out and about friends we meet. Summer days with my tribe, nothing beats summer day vibes.

  • Karen Pollard

    Im summer dreaming about peace on earth for our children and their children. Im summer dazing with hope in my heart that humanity will come together and embrace difference and kindness to outshine the darker colder times. Im looking forward to time with my family and the slow warm days that provide us with humble appreciation for simply just being with each other and spending our time with each other.

  • staceyshailer

    I’m summer dreaming about snow, ice, and all things cold. In case you can’t tell, it’s my first ever summer in Darwin 😉

  • Sarah

    I am dreaming of a wet summer, being stuck indoors, only venturing out to jump in muddy puddles and check the rain gauge! Our cattle station, and so many of those around us, would be very happy for a wonderful wet summer.

    • Karen Pollard

      Im in rural NSW and like you I am hoping for a wet summer as well. I hope that your wish comes true for all our much loved farmers and artisans out there on land! I enjoyed reading your post

  • Sharyn W

    i am summer dreaming about lazy days playing with the children (and hubby when he is not working), going to the beach and parks when we feel like it (no deadlines or timeframes), playing board games and doing arts/craft/colouring on the deck, picking delicious blueberries and summer fruits/vegs from our veg patch, having dinners on the back deck watching the sun set, eating homemade icecream/iceblocks quickly (before they melt), having waterfights to cool down when it gets too hot, watching storms together and appreciating mother nature 🙂

  • Celia C

    Remember slip n slides? They are the epitome of summer! I can still dream about them at 35, right? And sucking on melting icy poles while wearing your swimmers!

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