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A little baby to love

invite_wmI had a feeling my sister-in-law was pregnant. So much so, that when I received a text message from her one Saturday afternoon asking to come over that night, I turned to my sister who was next to me and said “Guess who is pregnant?”

I seem to have a knack for these things, predicting the pregnancy of close friends and family. I also seem to have a knack for diving head first into celebrations and what could be better to celebrate than a new baby?

Within a week of finding out that we were going to be Aunt’s again, my Sydney sister-in-law and I offered to throw our newly pregnant Melbourne sister-in-law a baby shower!


In the face of everything that seemed to be going wrong last year, the baby shower was the best of distractions. There could not be more truth to it being the best of times and the worst of times as last year ended. Yet somehow, looking back now, months after the shower it is only the best of times that linger. They are the memories that hold on the longest. Or maybe they are the memories we hold onto the tightest?

Memories laced with lessons. For it is difficult to pass through any of life’s challenges, or even life’s greatest of moments, without learning something. I not only learnt how much can be achieved when you surround yourself by amazing people who love and support you. I learnt that it is what matters most – counting on each other.



It seems so simple and obvious. But when it matters most, we need to be able to count on each other. Gosh more than that – we need to know that we can count on each other. Our default. Our life line. The one thing that in the face of darkness and light, is always there.

As the months counted down last year the once feint melody grew distinctly louder. The soft hum in the back ground rose to dance through the air. Drifting through the fingers that worked, crocheted, baked, hugged and held. You cannot underestimate how important it is sometimes, just to hold someone’s hand.

The hands who danced to the hum of the melody created the most beautiful of baby showers and I am forever indebted to those hands and the women who clasp them.




My sister, who really does deserve an adjective before her name, but I always fail to find one that would even come close to describing her. She designed the invitations and paperie, as well as being on hand to ease my rising panic as I stood in aisles of shops frantic if the plates were the right shade of gold and if we should have silver or wooden disposable cutlery.




My dear friend Nicki who patiently responded to every-single-one of my messages about yarn, ply and shades of pastels. Who then painstakingly took her crochet hook and devoted hours to preparing flowers and bunting with so much love.




Cakes and desserts were delivered just in time from the especially wonderful Belinda, who seemed to have her own world turn upside last year, but still gave all the love and care she knew we needed for this very special shower.



We couldn’t have known what was to come when we offered to host the baby shower for our sister-in-law and just how important a celebration it was going to be in her life. But that’s just it isn’t it – none of us know, what is coming or what will become of us. Which makes it all the more important to celebrate life’s occasions and count on the ones you love.

For in the end we are left to hold our memories and watch them dance in our hands. In our case, only weeks after the shower we were left holding a brand new little baby to love. Now what could be better than that?



Disclosure: Some of this story, is not my story to tell. So while it may seem there are blanks and deliberate opportunities to read between the lines, know that my gorgeous little niece is loved by so many angels, those who are here on Earth and in Heaven as well – and yes, it was a girl! 

Oh, mum and baby are both doing well….my gorgeous niece is growing into the most beautiful of little baby girls xx


Invitations, paperie & welcome sign: adelphi mou | Cake & desserts: Baked by Belinda | Crochet flowers, bunting & cake topper: Lovingly Crochet | Custom wooden Baby Wishes book: the little card boutique | Photography: Nadia Drapos Photography | Styling, planning & hosting: my gorgeous Sydney sister-in-law and I


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