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Mother’s Day

The heavy curtains of our bedroom are thrown open to the morning sun. I awake as two beautiful children bound into my bed, bearing gifts that are perfectly wrapped with white, glossy paper with thick yellow ribbon. Hubby is behind them, balancing a tray bearing freshly brewed coffee, poached eggs, the Sunday paper and a single yellow rose. The children show their affection with lots of hugs and kisses. Then they sit and wait patiently for me to open my gifts. One is a beautiful thick knit jumper, the other a new pyjama set and soft bed jacket. Hubby ushers the boys to give me another kiss and cuddle, then to head on downstairs, so I can read the paper and enjoy breakfast – in bed – resting and relaxing.


Instead, Mother’s Day morning sounds more like this.

“Hurry up, we are going to be late for Church.”
“Have you brushed your teeth yet?”
Yes, you have to brush them every day.”
“Where’s your other shoe?”
No, you cannot wear your Spiderman costume today.”
“Josefa, coffee?” Hubby asks while I try to pack my bag, a spare set of clothes for the boys and gather all the presents we need to give out that day.
“I’d love one.”

Mother's Day

Mother’s Day drives me a little crazy. It is only one little day. One little day to go to Church, visit my mother, visit my grandmother, visit my mother-in-law and find time to sit down and eat huge, never ending meals with all these people. By the end of the day, I am consumed by the running around and completely exhausted from the kid-wrangling needed to get through the day. All I want is to crawl into bed, wishing for Monday morning to come along.

My first Mother’s Day was different. AJ was barely eight weeks old. My Dad bought me so many flowers, that they filled my house. Dad always buys flowers for Mum on Mother’s Day. So many, he often fills the house with them. I will never forget how important that on my first Mother’s Day – he did the same for me. First Mother’s Day’s are different. I always make an effort to send friends or family a little card on their first Mother’s Day – as a way of saying “you are doing a great job and are an awesome Mum.” I have even gone as far as buying a little gift or book for those first-time Mum’s – because it is just so special to be remembered. Any reassurance in those early days – can be a God-send. I know, because I craved that reassurance myself.

Mother's Day

This year, while I would love a new pyjama, a chunky jumper or just something cute – I don’t need anything. I really don’t. What I need is to try my hardest, not to be consumed by the running around and kid-wrangling needed to get through the day. To try and take a moment to remember why that first Mother’s Day was so special and why I need to remember that – each and every year.

How will you be spending Mother’s Day?

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