Pieces of Me


As a mother it is easy to think that my indulgences have come down to basic human needs. Sleep. Quiet. Time. But the truth is I do have indulgences. They may have changed since the days pre-children, but they are there all the same. Now I could wax lyrical about my indulgence on food, shoes and books. But my truest indulgence is….eye-candy.

Now once upon a time that may have meant gazing at the likes of David Beckham or George Clooney in glossy magazines. But today my desires are less likely to be driven by my hormones and more so by my need to escape, even if it is only in my mind.

I always start my day with coffee. I almost always drink that coffee sitting in front of my computer. The minute I’ve checked up on Facebook I switch to Asos, my first indulgence for the day. I sit and scroll through their newly added items. Fantasise about wearing clothes that I don’t need and dream about having a figure that could pull off those clothes. I update my wish list almost every morning. There is never any real intent to buy any of the clothes (unless they are drastically reduced on sale of course!) But looking is enough to satisfy the craving.


I indulge in home wares sites. My home is merely an extension of Toys R Us at the moment, but I do love to dream that it wasn’t. I get lost in the world of Zara Home, West Elm and Anthropologie, knowing full well that the practicalities of the designs do not fit the function of our little family home. But part of me wished that they did. I often imagine indulging and buying lavish items that serve no purpose other than to look beautiful. Even though my reality seems to be white cube bookshelves and storage from Masters, indulging in the possibility of chevron throw rugs and rows of scented candles keeps me believing that somewhere these beautiful apartments exist and one day I won’t have as many toys stuffed into each corner of this house.

zara home

My indulgences are slave to food websites and blogs. Oh my goodness. Food porn is a sweet and salacious indulgence and I sure do lick my fingers in happiness scrolling from one incredible recipe to another. Dinner at our place falls into one category – quick and easy, which often means I am serving almost the same meals on a very tight rotating roster. No one complains, everyone is fed and tummies do go to bed full. But what I would give to dip my toe in the world of lavish meals! Till then I’ll feed my eyes with the sensations that these sites offer and enjoy the lack of calories as a result.

smitten kitchen

Perhaps these indulgences really showcase the voyeur in me. Who knows? But it is these little indulgences, these imaginary whims and spending sprees that help keep me sane. With hardly any dint to the family budget and no need to even change out of my pj’s and ugg boots, these indulgences can make all the difference in my day sometimes.

What are your indulgences?


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