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Binge Watching Mad Men

In this house there is an Xbox, multiple television’s, iPad’s, Netflix streaming and a Foxtel account. In this house are three boys, well one husband and two boys, who have an endless list of possibilities when it comes to doing something in their down time.

In this house down time is paramount for the boys. Hubby works long hours and needs an outlet to switch off when he comes home. Boys are boys, in between soccer, reading, homework and chores, there is plenty of down time for them.

In this house there is a mum who works long hours too, not traditional nine to five hours, but long hours none the same. When she comes home she does not flick the switch off, she flicks the switch into over drive. Because that is what mum’s do.

Fussing, cleaning, tidying, snack making, clothes washing, folding, putting away, homework reminding, co-reading, grocery shopping, bin emptying, toilet paper roll filling, there is always something that needs to be done and down time is nothing more than falling asleep at the end of the day.

Until this summer, when all that changed.


I had spent a gruelling day in our backyard. It was one of many longs days I spent ripping out, chain sawing, overhauling, replanting our backyard. I came inside covered in soil and grime and collapsed in the shower. When I came out of that shower I did something I had never done before. It was two o’clock in the afternoon and I hopped into bed.

It was the school holidays and everyone else in the house was plugged in to their down time and quite content. So in that moment I switched on episode one, season one of Mad Men. Forty-nine minutes of bliss. Forty-nine minutes of Don Draper. Forty-nine minutes of down time.

Turns out it was the beginning of an addiction. I devoured Mad Men like a premenstrual women hunting down the last piece of chocolate in the house. All the things I did around the house did not change. But this time it was broken up with down time, rest breaks to catch up on yet another episode of Mad Men.

Just as I started season two I realised something. I was a better person with this new found down time. Less stressed out, less strung out, more pleasant to be around. The boys warmed to me a little more, especially in the mad rush of everything I take on. Usually they get swept aside and hold on for the ride. But it seemed now they looked at me as if I was more real, more like them.

Most times it was only one episode to break up the day, sometimes it was two, late into the night it may have been three, either way I disconnected by binge watching Mad Men.

It seems for some us of us motherhood comes simultaneously intertwined with doing all the things, all of the time, at fast forward speed. We rarely feel that motherhood comes with down time. But it should. I’ve learnt the hard way.

I used to think down time was impossible. I thought I didn’t have the time, couldn’t fit it in. Something I had to schedule in, make time for, research and commit to. But it doesn’t have to be. Down time can be binge watching Mad Men, going for a run, a walk, a coffee down at the local shopping centre, a half hour massage at the place next door to Coles, the options are endless.

I thought the minute I had some down time, everything else would fall apart. But turns out Don Draper and our summer love affair was the best thing I could have ever done. Sometimes parenting shifts our focus and we spend our time only looking after other people, but perhaps we need to look after ourselves first?


What is your down time?
Have you watched Mad Men?

Disclosure: I inhaled Mad Men over the summer, intoxicated by how awesome it was. I dived straight into Downton Abbey the moment Don Draper found his Zen. Oh how I loved that
Abbey! Now….ready for it….I have joined the revolution. #winteriscoming and I am knee deep into the first season of Game of Thrones.

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  • Betty

    Oh my, Don Draper. I LOVE Mad Men. I’m a season behind but I get completely lost in the mise en scene, the language, the fabulousness that is Christina Hendricks. You’re speaking my language!

    I also love #winteriscoming! But no spoilers, I’m on the second last book and can’t watch the new season just yet.

    I also love House of Cards? It’s a political drama and completely amazballs!

    B X

  • LydiaCLee

    We’re just finishing Homeland…we binge watch everything. As an aside, will ConvoCoffee be coming back?

    • #convocoffee is hold for the moment. I cannot juggle it into the mix at the moment. I’m also wondering if it needs to shift direction a little and become a little snippet space for my novel writing? I am really not sure….

      • LydiaCLee

        I hear you. I’ve really dropped the ball on blogs (and writing) so was just wondering….

  • Loved Mad Men- what rich characters! I’m all up to date on GoT and Vikings, currently binging on Nurse Jackie (on Stan). It’s nice to zone out for a bit!

  • Sarah from Bubsandbeans

    I am yet to watch Mad men or Downtown Abbey, but love Game of thrones, I love binge watching any show and now find it hard to watch normal TV where I have to wait a week for an episode.

  • Natalie @ Our Parallel Connect

    Not watched it but I love that you realised if you have done time to enjoy just being, things do t actually fall apart

  • Ooooh, I’ve been binge-watching Utopia but our internet is broken at the moment. I’m down to tethering my mobile to my laptop and there’s no way I’m watching Netflix over mobile data! Hopefully our wifi will be fixed soon. #TeamIBOT

  • I love downtime-ing with a TV show. Literally whirls you away to a different headspace. I know there’s some anti-TV sentiments out there about wasting time (which I’ve ranted about before) but sometimes you need to “waste” time and it’s good for you!

  • I was only just thinking the other day that downtime seems like a thing of the past. It just doesn’t happen anymore. Not like it used to anyway. Thanks for the reminder. I need to steal some time away for a cuppa on the couch! Xx

  • Love binging on Netflix. I also do all my art and reading in “downtime”. My mental health requires a lot of downtime lol.

  • I only saw the first few seasons of Mad Men – so missed the last 2-3 I think. I didn’t love it as much as some.

    I love bingeing on TV shows but don’t have Netflix. I’m in a complex where we pay A LOT for a pitiful number of Foxtel stations ($50/mth for 10 – 7 of which are news and sport!) so refuse to get Netflix while that’s the case. I’ve got my place on the market though, so perhaps soon…

  • Such a good post for me to read today Josefa. I rarely have down time and I do have good intentions on doing it and then I get sucked back into doing work or something around the house. As for Mad Men I haven’t watched it but I’ve heard so many say good things about it. It’s on my list to watch!

  • I go flat out and then I’ll hit the wall and do nothing for a night. It’s only ever a night, and I’m ok with things like that. I’d rather be busy when I have the urge and stop when I don’t.
    Having said that, I always make sure I read just before bed. Even if it’s only a few pages. Knowing I’m going to get that time at the end of the day makes a lot of the craziness seem bearable.
    Must check out Mad Men!

  • Oh you will love GoT. I’m still part way through the last season. I have just watched Outlander in a little more than a week and thanks to Finding Myself Young, I’ve just started on Anzac girls. Prior to that was Nashville (have we spoken about that before???? I think you would love it). I need my binge tv. Even if I only have time for 20 minutes, it will do the trick to take me away to another place. It frees my mind and relaxes me. I’m glad you found some time for it.

  • TeganMC

    I told myself I’d pace myself with Netflix. Oh how silly I was. I finished Call the Midwife last week and have just about finished Outlander. I love it!

  • Good on you Josefa for finding your down time. My down time is usually spent reading or writing although I do make sure to catch up on The Good Wife (ending soon, *sad face*) and Nashville (loooove Nashville). Hubby is a die hard GoT fan, I just couldn’t get into it.

  • I’ve never watched Mad Men. But I did discover “Suits” on one of my overseas flights recently and I binged watched that on the plane. LOVE IT! I need to find it here (on Foxtel perhaps?) so I can continue my new addiction

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