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The night my ovary burst

One o’clock in the morning. My husband was working late, my two little boys were asleep in their beds. A searing, piercing pain ripped through the left side of my abdomen. Almost thrown out of bed in agony, I dragged myself to the bathroom. The violent nausea was instant and unrelenting. I collapsed.

The early hours of that morning were a blur. I was incapacitated in pain, vulnerable in my fear and panic, home alone with my two boys. By some miracle, my husband was home before I could reach for the phone and call him. He raced me to the emergency room. Clinging to my side, it felt like my ovary had burst. I felt pain that challenged even the most intense pain of childbirth.

Through the drawn out hours at the hospital I learny that my ovary had not burst. But a cyst on my ovary had. A cyst I did not even know was there.

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