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Kids and work don’t mix – or do they?

A few weeks ago, with no babysitters and a crazy work schedule, I thought it would be okay to take my son to work with me for a few hours. He was getting over a cold and I needed to tick off some things before day’s end. Armed with snacks and his iPad I thought to myself ‘what could go wrong?’

Naturally, what didn’t go wrong? In those few hours I spent my whole time in damage control. He turned my boss’s desk into a snack bar, and weeks later I’m still finding colour print outs of little bunny rabbits all over the office. I got no work done and eventually dragged both of us home defeated.

But can kids and work mix? For some mums it works a treat, while for others it’s a no-go zone.

This article first appeared in Essential Baby, to read the rest, click here.

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