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The Importance of Play – Glottogon Winner


The winner has been selected for the The Importance of Play – Glottogon Giveaway

Renee your entry was chosen to win the $200 worth of Glottogon puzzles and games

Renee’s response was: It’s funny you should write about this because I was just thinking about this the other day. I think I need to step back too in order to let my little one play, create and imagine. These games look absolutely gorgeous. My little one would LOVE them. When I was little my favourite childhood game was playing swimming with Barbies. I would get them all into their togs and line them up. I’d throw a dice and then move each Barbie the number on the dice. My sister and I would play this for hours on end.



Please check your email and respond within 48 hours, so we can arrange delivery.

Thank you to everyone who entered xx

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