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What would you do?

I gave up on real life shopping ages ago. Ever since, my sisters office has become a revolving door to one delivery after another. I have all my packages delivered to her because her office is always manned and we never miss out on a delivery.

So my sister coming home with packages and parcels that are mine is nothing new. Yet a few weeks ago when she rang me to head to her place after work to pick up a package I didn’t quite expect what I found.

I had ordered a little cape jacket to match my dress for the upcoming christening of my godson. It was a little tiny thing that could easily fit into a parcel bag. Yet my sister heaved out of the back seat of her car a huge massive and what seemed quite heavy box. Alarm bells rang in my head.

“Well this is certainly much bigger than I expected,” I said to her as she dropped the package on her coffee table with a thud. “Maybe it is lots of fancy paper and packaging inside?”

As we slowly opened the box together, with apprehension stirred in with a dash of excitement, we both gasped as the first peak into this huge box showed bling and diamantes. This was certainly not my jacket.


When we opened the box completely it felt like Christmas. Dress upon dress, kaftans and bikinis. Almost three thousand dollars’ worth of gorgeous, to die for clothing, clothing that was most certainly not mine.

My sister and I looked at each other, dresses, bikini’s kaftans between us, what should we do?

“Oh I can’t keep them,” I blurted out, almost like part of me wanted to catch the words throw them back in and say “we will keep them!” instead. Then dance around in excitement.

“Where is my jacket?” I thought. I really needed that jacket for the christening.

Then the voice of reason from my sister “There is a poor girl out there who has spent three thousand dollars on clothes and may have received your tiny little jacket instead, can you imagine how terrible she is feeling?”

This was a disaster of the first class shopping kind. I felt terrible because I had not received my one little jacket. Imagine if I had not received all of this?

So my sister and I still giddy with the excitement of all the gorgeous clothes, tried on one dress each, then repacked the box and I sat down to email the company what had happened.


Turns out the company had no idea the package was even sent to me and were ever so grateful for my honesty and willingness to return it. My jacket arrived two days later.

I lugged the huge box to the post office, paid for the postage and sent the three thousand dollars’ worth of clothes back to their rightful owner. Only to receive an email from the company that night demanding I send the parcel back pronto or I would be charged for the clothes.

I was stunned. Excuse me, isn’t that exactly what I said I would do? I was even paying for the exorbitant postage out of my pocket and hoping in good faith the company would refund it and I was being attacked for not sending the package back?

I politely reminded them that this was their mistake and were it not for my honesty they still would not know where the clothes were, I may have ended my email with “your kindness would be appreciated.”

They apologised.

The package has arrived safe and sound back in the rightful hands, postage has been refunded and it seems everyone has remembered their manners and their kindness since I sent that email.

So what would you do? Keep the clothes? Return them?
And what has the world come to that even when you are in a moment of truth and kindness, like I was returning the clothes, we are still attacked?


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  • So glad they apologised and refunded the postage. They honestly should have given you a voucher as a reward for being so honest.

  • LydiaCLee

    As for the original error, yes, I would have returned it too….
    As for the original error, yes, I would have returned it too….

  • Oh yes! I would have returned it too. And as MC said below, I think you deserve some sort of voucher too. That would be awesome customer service after their rudeness

  • Oh wow, what a glitch on their end! How does that even happen?! I would have done the same – tried them on and had some fun then contacted the company. I think the jacket should have been a freebie though! Good karma is coming your way for sure! 🙂

  • I would definitely return the clothes. Honesty and integrity is everything to me. I received somebody else’s Christmas photo collage (canvas) last year instead of my marketing look book. Some poor grandma got my business promo pack and I got her loving family. The company sent me a “postage paid” code and I sent it on its,way. My promo book turned up too. It all worked out in the end. Luckily the company was very customer focussed and grateful.

  • I would have returned the clothes just as you had. I can’t believe that rude email they sent you! I’m so glad you were refunded the postage and eventually got the item of clothing that you ordered!

  • I am so shocked that they expected you to pay to ship it at all. Why not give you a code or arrange a courier. Sign of a pretty crap company all around I think. Hope your jacket made you happy when it arrived xx

  • That’s not on. I’ve seen similar instances and just don’t understand what happens. Except that maybe the person who received the email told the rest of the company “Oh, we sent that stuff to the wrong address” without the back story and then someone else took over? Still not good enough. Never good enough. Good on you for saying so.

    And I’m glad your jacket arrived! #teamIBOT (I seem to have landed all of my fellow #teamIBOT posts this week! Ha!)

  • Personally, I would have taken this back to the PO for them to deal with. You can ask them to re-deliver or you can send a post-paid parcel so that you wouldn’t have to spend a cent at your end. Sounds like a fairly cruddy company. Hilarious that you would try on the outfits though – that made me laugh!

  • I would have returned the clothes too, but I’m shocked that they sent you that threatening/rude email. It would be nice if you got a voucher/discount or something.

  • Wow, I probably wouldn’t have paid for postage out of my own pocket but I would have returned them. After a good look of course!

  • Oh that would have annoyed the hell out of me! How rude of the company and what a lovely person you were to pay for their mistake out of your own pocket! I’m such an honest person I would have definitely told them but I am appalled at the response! Good for you responding the way you did, I think I would have been less … kind 😉

  • Did they refund the postage? Tell me they refunded the postage! So rude.

  • Yep I would have returned it.
    I had a funny incident with online shopping at Christmas time. Long story short, I was charged and delivered items twice. So I sent them back, and got the refund, all’s fine.
    Then I got sent the items again, so I sent them back, and got refunded.
    Then they refunded me again for two lots of items.
    It’s all very confusing, but in the end they basically paid me to take their stuff, and then when I tried to re-pay them, they suggested I buy a voucher and never use it. It was so weird.

  • Hugzilla

    Yep, it’s good karma to return it so well done! Very poor form from the business though.

  • I think I would have returned it but I would have so angry after they had a go. Good on you for politely putting them back in their place.

  • I can’t believe they were rude after all that! You were right to send it back, though it must have been hard!

  • Oh that is really nasty of them to send that email. How rude. That would have left a bad taste in your mouth. As for you and your sister trying on an outfit each – hilarious!!! I think I’d be tempted to do the same. What fun! x

  • I would have returned them but I thought you were going to say that the company gave you a voucher for your honesty rather than be aggressive towards you!

  • That’s a true character test! You passed with rainbow sparkles and glitter. The company didn’t. How rude of them! Customer service has a long way to go. A bunch of flowers would have been appropriate, or the refund of your jacket for the goodwill. Not that you would expect anything, but if you were them, that is what you would do. Opening it must have been so exciting!

  • I would have done the same thing, though I may have second thought my decision after the rude email, but at the end of the day, I wouldn’t sleep at all knowing I had something belong to someone else. I’m so pleased to see how many other honest women there are xx

  • I would have returned them. Integrity is doing the right thing when no one is watching. And I would have given the company a “polite”word about the nasty email. You did the right thing.

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