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Conversations with Siblings

Becoming a mum seven years ago there were so many things that I didn’t know. So many days spent flicking through parenting books and online forums trying to find my way. Yet, amongst all that was unknown, there was one thing I was certain of. For as much as I wanted to have a baby. I always wanted to have two. And if I really could dial up the magic of the Universe, I always wanted two boys. So they could be brothers. And best friends.

Conversations with Siblings

It seems that sometimes the Universe does listen. My boys, only two years apart, are the best of friends. Sure, at the beginning, AJ was not interested in PJ at all. If anything he only found his baby brother annoying and frustrating. But like all things this changed.

Sometimes I am overwhelmed at just how much these two little people love each other. I’m not going to paint the illusion that they don’t fight or argue. They do. Sometimes it feels like they do all the time. They are boys after all. I suspect the fighting and arguing will be something that binds their relationship together, as much as it may pull it apart.

Conversations with Siblings

My boys seem to share everything at the moment. They even share a bedroom together. They may not share a room forever, but they do for now. As I tuck both of them up in bed, kiss them good night, I often linger behind their closed bedroom door. Just to hear the two of them talk to each other as they drift off to sleep. These are the conversations that I wanted for them. Eyes full of sleep and whispering to each other.

Conversations with Siblings

But it seems that the conversations that they have during the day are the ones that entertain me most and the ones I least expect. My goodness they have the funniest conversations. Their understanding of the world often leaves me in tears of laughter.

Sunday night at the pub, AJ took his brother to the toilet. Walking back to the table they are arguing:
AJ “Why do you need to go to the toilet again, you just did a pee?”
PJ “Don’t you know I can’t poo by myself yet, I need Mum!”

Conversations with Siblings

Packing up the toys after playing all day;
PJ “Why can’t I just put the Lego superhero’s with all the other superhero’s?”
AJ “You silly butter! Lego is Lego, it is not superhero’s!”

Conversations with Siblings

Sitting in the car, waiting at the lights;
AJ “Do you know that you can’t marry your cousin?”
PJ “Imagine how much it is going to hurt, when I punch you in the face.”

Conversations with Siblings

Playing rock, paper, scissors;
AJ “What is that?”
PJ “A bomb. I’m always going to be a bomb and I am always going to win.”

Conversations with Siblings

And only yesterday morning, this;
PJ “Why do people get old?”
AJ “Because at the end, you just want to die mate.”

Conversations with Siblings

Now this conversation could have been very serious, if they were wearing pants. That is how the conversations with siblings happen in our house. There is never a dull moment.

What conversations with your siblings keep you entertained?

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  • Renee at Mummy, Wife, Me

    Lol. OMG, Josefa. I am cracking up. I love these little conversations. PJ sounds hysterical. “Imagine how much it is going to hurt, when I punch you in the face’. Lol. I am still laughing. I wanted two of the same sex too and I can’t wait to listen in on my girls’ conversations (once Smiley starts to talk!)

  • That is so adorable! I love the snippets you’ve captured.

    Thanks for hosting Conversations over Coffee. Excited to be linking up for the first time!

  • bodyandfeetretreat

    I love the conversations between children – they are always so down to earth yet amusing at the same time !
    Have the best day !

  • Rach

    I loved this, I laughed so hard at their conversations such a beautiful post sunshine xx

  • So so cute. I love this Josefa. I have two girls, and was thrilled when the second one turned up. I always wanted a sister. And watching my girls together, I am so excited for them that they have each other. x

  • Leanne Shea Langdown

    Gorgeous conversations … especially the final one.
    I wish I’d documented the chats between my kids when they were younger. I recall they were delightful … just can’t recall how they went 🙁

  • Mrs Holsby

    It’s funny how we have an ideal. I always wanted one of each. God knows why, my bro and I fought terribly!
    Your little dudes are divine. I love their chats. One should never talk about dying whilst wearing pants.
    I too enjoy watching the relationship unfold between my two. When Mr 3 sees his little sister after kindy he says ‘Hello, little one, I missed you’. Sweet.

  • Leanne Winter

    As a fellow mother of two boys I can relate to all of this, Josefa. After I had the first, I also then wanted a second boy thinking they’d be great mates, and they are – well, most of the time. I love the matching shirts you’ve put them in – mine won’t have a bar of that, unfortunately.

  • Such beautiful pictures Josefa. My toe also share a room and I just love listening to their conversations in bed. On Thursday night:
    J: I love mummy
    H: And I love daddy
    J: I love you H
    H: And I love you too J (good night)
    🙂 x

  • I adored, and still do adore my two sisters. So I always wanted lots of children. The universe didn’t hear me. I finally had two but they are 19 years apart so their conversations are a little different. Especially since Jarvis doesn’t really talk yet. But oh how he adores his big sister!

  • Vicki @ Knocked Up and Abroad

    I just love this. So beautiful. I can only hope my 2 boys share a room and share secret, whispered conversations behind the closed doors like yours. The last conversation actually made me hoot out loud with laughter! Classic 🙂

  • Kate

    This is so beautiful!! The picture of them holding hands is gorgeous! So amazing that they are best friends! Thats what I hope for with my future and more kidlets!

  • My boys are close in age, 20 months and at 2 and nearly 4 they drive me batty but they also are best mates. I can see they will be better as they grow older. They share a room now but thinking of changing back until they are older, it’s not really working!!

  • Grace

    Haha! Love that one about the bomb! Very cute.
    The bond between brothers is amazing.
    The twins are amazingly tight. Sometimes ready to pull each other’s hair out but the love is always there.

  • Emily Morgan

    How beautiful! I read somewhere once that the happy sounds of children talking to each other can be the most beautiful sound in the world – until you get close enough to hear what they’re actually saying! i am with you – I always wanted to have a family of at least two children, I was so happy growing up with siblings.

  • Emma Fahy Davis

    What gorgeous boys! We have the girl version of similar conversations in our house, you’ve inspired me to capture some of them 🙂

  • This is adorable! I love ‘you silly butter’ – how good are some of the mispronunciations? Gorgeous photos, too.

  • Loree

    How sweet. Conversations to treasure. xx

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