Nine Months More

Bunny Love

The week after PJ’s birthday, we were having a mid-afternoon snuggle on the couch.
“Did you have a good birthday?” I asked.
“Yes, it was awesome.” He paused. “But I didn’t like my presents.”
“Really?” I found this hard to believe. PJ does not leave things to chance. He dictates what he wants and words up his grandparents, aunts and uncles to make sure everything on his list gets a tick by the end of his birthday.

With his eyes cast low, bottom lip quivering a little, he whispered, “You didn’t buy me my dolphin.” Then the flood of tears came. Here we go again, I thought, as I cuddled him up, soothing him, and insisting that the minute I find a toy dolphin I would buy him one.

“But I want a real one!” He insisted, with more wailing and sobbing.

Mini Lop rabbit

PJ has been asking for a pet – since forever. We have four goldfish. For a little while, we had a tank full of snails. After our summer holiday, PJ has been asking relentlessly for a dolphin. He had worked out ways that we could keep it in our house, feed it and generally make a dolphin work as a pet in suburbia.

My heart broke for my little boy. “Maybe we could get a different pet?” I offered. Instantly, he stopped sobbing, sniffed back his tears and looked at me with his big hopeful eyes, “What can we get Mum, a horse?”

So the journey to find a pet began. Hubby and AJ both suffer from allergies – so immediately cats and dogs were struck off the list. Much to PJ’s disappointment, a horse and a dolphin were too. PJ wanted a pet that was warm and cuddly. That eliminated a whole category of pets. Then I had the idea of – a rabbit.

Mini Lop rabbit

My Google research began: breeds of rabbits, rabbit hutches, rabbits and allergies. With each search result I grew closer to believing that this might actually work. PJ grew more excited as each day passed and secretly, I did too. After a few weeks, we decided to do some research in the flesh and ventured out to a pet shop. With only half an hour to go to closing time, we found a pet shop. As fate would have it, they sold the breed of rabbit we were after, a Mini Lop. They sold the exact hutch I had decided on, and it was already assembled – no flat pack! So after many wide eyed pleas from PJ, we came home with our little rabbit.

It has been love ever since.

She is the perfect addition to our family. She has filled in a little piece of the puzzle – that I didn’t even realise was missing. Our whole family adore her. PJ is besotted by her. Her mischievous, playful spirit has really warmed the soul of our home. I am so glad we listened to the pleas of our little boy. Only the other night, hubby turned to me and said “I’m glad we have the rabbit. She makes PJ so happy; it is like he is a completely different boy since we got her.”

Mini Lop rabbit

So we are now a family of four; plus four goldfish and one rabbit. A rabbit who has all of us wrapped around her floppy little ear. I almost feel like a new mummy all over again.

Do you have any pets?

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