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A Welcome Relief ~ Why I Write

May started with the expectation that calm and a sense of ease would flow into my days. I was craving the crazy pace of the year to slow down, moving instead in a rhythm that was unhurried and free from anxiety and deadline. This did not happen. If anything May has been the craziest month so far this year. In all my gratitude and all the humble blessings that have entered my life this month, I am sitting here now really quite tired and looking forward to a little escape.

So when my dear online friend sent me an email asking me to be part of her blog hop, not only was it perfect timing, as it sounded like the most fun way to end a month of writing. But it was also from Loree and she does not ask much from me at all, if anything really, I just couldn’t disappoint her and not play along. So here are my musings on writing and how my words flow.

working on

I feel that a better question would be what am I not working on? Words, writing and meeting deadlines has consumed this month. I have felt completely energised from all the excitement and I have also managed to do a great job of letting my ego beat me up black and blue over whether any of my words have been good enough, a strange place to be really. So, once May ends, I would have written five posts for always Josefa, finished my three writing challenges for Kidspot, submitted freelance articles, published one super exciting project, snuck in one sponsored post and scribbled endless notes and ideas on bits of paper everywhere planning for June.

I honestly do not know what is coming next. For the time being that is enough. I am content to not know what is coming next.


Oh my goodness, I have no idea. I am not a fan of boxes. But I guess our society doesn’t really quite function without boxes and labels. So if I had to say what genre I was it would have to be personal and parenting. I think in many ways my writing is very similar to others in my genre, in that I write about my life, my children and how it all connects. I wholeheartedly believe in the art of storytelling. Not just telling a story. But weaving together words, emotions, imagery and a sense of hope to give my readers a little escape from their day and uplift their spirit a little.


Writing is not something I do. Writing is something I am. In its simplicity this overwhelmingly defines what writing is to me and how integral it is to my life. Through my words I feel connected to all that is greater than me. I feel more connected to my own life, my own relationships and I certainly feel more connected to others.

Writing is what the emptiness was.

writing process

I write from the heart. When I first started to write for my blog, I would sit here and agonise over the words. Trying to squeeze them out one by one and then trying desperately to string them together beautifully. I quickly learned that for me it doesn’t work that way. I need to sit quietly, find a sense of calm and allow my inner voice to speak the words I need to write. My job is to listen ever so patiently and write them down. I try to dig deep into my heart and soul to find the right words that work.

I am an avid planner. There was a time that I planned too much, almost driving myself and those around me insane. So now I try to only plan one month of writing at a time. I plan each post and when it will be published. For my freelance work, it is harder to plan. I let the ideas flow, the inspiration flow and then take it down the path it needs to go from there.

I try not to write and hit publish all too quickly. In an ideal world, I would usually write a post, put it away for a week or so and then come back to it with fresh eyes to draft and edit and tidy. When time runs away with me, I try at the very least to sit on a post overnight or ask someone else (hubby usually or a very good friend of mine) to have a quick read over it to make sure it makes some sense.

And to be completely honest, on some days there is no writing process at all. There is me, the open ocean and a notebook. Sometimes I like these days the best.


Part of this little blog hop is to nominate three more writers to pass on to. I wish I could have passed this on to everyone who writes, so if you feel so inclined take the prompts I have answered above and share the passion and the method by which you write. I would love to read it.

The writers I am introducing below are three women who write and share their life story in a way that has captivated me, especially recently. Each in their own unique way and with their own zeal, share their incredible stories in very different ways.

kirsten 1lilasarah

Kirsten is a Brisbane based mum of two who loves to bake, shop, plan birthday parties and have a laugh.  When she’s not folding the laundry, eating chocolate or avoiding exercise, Kirsten can be found on her blog, Kirsten and co., where she shares her recipes, tells random stories and loves having a good old chat with the readers.

Lila is a mother to two teenagers and a toddler; who has traded the corporate life to enjoying living a little life with her little loves. Spending their days creating great food, making art and renovating their little home. She loves sharing glimpses of her life through her blog Little Wolff.

Sarah married her best friend. They very quickly went on to have five children in five years. Sarah had always dreamt of mothering and these many babies filled her heart. Living with so many toddlers showed Sarah the importance of looking after mothers, especially after two of her children were diagnoses with an Autism Spectrum Disorder. However, it was not until her last toddler that Sarah practiced looking after herself and now, this has became her top priority. Sarah now believes that she cannot be a good mother, or a happy person without understanding her own value. She believes that you need to know what makes you happy. You need to understand how to be content. And so, Sarah’s blog Creating Contentment came to be. Here Sarah writes about her journey to contentment. This covers everything from meditation to whole foods, de-cluttering to parenting. Sarah is willing and open to all experiences in the hope of healing herself mentally, spiritually, physically and emotionally. Sarah wishes to show others that they have the power to create their own version of contentment. Join Sarah on her journey of self discovery and acceptance.


And of course, please take a moment to meet Loree. I love her blog endlessly. She captivates my heart with her words and her images. She writes from a place that I once called home. Some of her posts pull at my heart strings with such deep set nostalgia that I wish I could simply click my fingers and escape into them, like Mary Poppins does into the chalk drawings on the pavement.

So tell me, why do you write?

Conversations over Coffee is back on Thursday ~ Conversations with Prayer ~ all welcome xx


Because there has been such an overwhelming response to this little blog-hop going around the blogosphere, I have added a linky below open to everyone who has written a “Why I Write” post: please add your post and make yourself a coffee, while you catch up on some awesome writers and their reasons for sharing their words and their hearts, on the page xx


  • Deb @ home life simplified

    So lovely to hear more about how you write. I relate to our process. I used to agonise over posts as well, now after such a long time I just write from my heart and trust it. May was a big month for you, congrats again on your op 5 kidspot nod xx

  • Leanne Shea Langdown

    I love this question! I write because it completes me. I get the gumph out of my brain and onto “paper”. I write because I can. I write everyday on my blog to challenge myself to remain creative and to share and to leave behind a legacy. My voice.Not sure how long I will continue, but for now I couldn’t live without it.
    Really enjoyed reading your post today Josefa.
    Great to meet these ladies!
    Leanne @ Deep Fried Fruit

  • Lovely Josefa. It has been a privilege watching your writing journey unfurl. xx

  • LydiaCLee

    Thanks for sharing these bloggers – I know Sarah but not the others…so good to visit some new faces…(and good luck with Kidspot, we’re all watching!)

  • Beautiful post Josefa. Thank you for including me in the blog hop x

  • This is beautiful Josefa! I love hearing why others write. As a teacher librarian I spend my days surrounded by beautiful books and words…best job in the world in my opinion! Though I adore writing my blog I don’t really consider myself a writer…I just RAVE about other people’s writing through my book reviews and book people posts. Blogging is addictive and I adore it but people often ask my ‘when’ I’ll write my own children’s book and I say…”I’m happy to leave this to the experts”! x

  • A gorgeous insight into the workings and writings of a very special person, thanks for sharing lovely xxx

  • Lovely to hear your writing is filling your heart Josefa. That’s what it’s all about x

  • TeganMC

    I love reading about people’s different writing processes. I don’t really have one and I tend to be a write then publish kind of person.

  • Renee at Mummy, Wife, Me

    I love this chance to learn a little more about you and how you plan your writing. I don’t know how you fit everything in. You must be one busy woman 🙂 x

  • Wow you really do plan? I don’t plan anything much on my blog, except for sponsored posts.I just write when I want to. I love that everyone does it so differently.

  • So organised are you ! I do remember a nun at school always saying organistation is the key to success ! I have changed the way I write I now use a notebook rather than computer and I much prefer this as it really helps in connecting to the heart. So great you and the writer in you have become one. Keep writing your heart out !

  • The Plumbette

    I loved your Kidspot piece about your mum Josefa. At the moment I fly by the seat of my pants with blogposts but I need to get a bit more organised but hard to do when you have little kids and feeling tired being pregnant. You are a great writer and you are going to do splendidly with the Kidspot Challenges. 🙂

  • Your passion for writing fairly jumps off the page Josefa. It’s no wonder you’re a Kidspot finalist, it’s obviously what you’re meant to do x

  • it is easy to see you write from your heart Josefa. your words are always captivating. You are definitely a great story teller. xo

  • Kathy www.yinyangmother.com

    Writing is like breathing sometimes isn’t it? Nice to be introduced to Lila – I’ve come across Kirsten and know Sarah (online). There is so much pleasure in both writing and reading. I love the play of words, the phrases that surprise, the stream of meaning that flows in the spaces between when you just let the the words flow, like magic really. There are times when the universe seems to hold the pen, or take over the keyboard and it is like you are writing or typing wisdom without even knowing it. THAT. I love THAT.

  • I love to write too. Sometimes I imagine my blog to be a really great friend that I can just chat away too whenever I want to. You have a magical way with words Josefa, it draws me in every time xxx

  • It’s great to get a little more insight into what goes on behind the scenes at your blog. You’re so very organised, I’m envious! And yes from all those I’ve been talking to, it seems May has been an endlessly busy month for most. Oh and I write because well, if I didn’t, I’d need hour long showers to process my chaotic life and the water bill would be way too expensive.

  • TwitchyCorner

    “Writing *is* what the emptiness *was*.” Love these words.

    Yes some people are compelled to write and I have more than one reason. One day I hope to be a bit more literary and poetic but in the meantime, I also like to document, connect and feel understood, via the world of personal and parenting blogging.

  • Loree

    That was a lovely read and a great way of learning a bit more about you. Thanks for the compliment. I have not had the time to be online since last Friday when I was told I had to make an urgent trip to Sofia to help out at our Bulgarian office. It has been super hectic and my son was sick before I left. I had totally forgotten about the blog hop. It is now midnight in Sofia and I should get to bed.

  • I loved reading more about your process. I love how you describe what writing is to you. It is beautiful and I wish that those words were mine. Thank you so much for including me here. I am honoured. xS

  • It’s nice to hear what inspires you.. and thank you for giving me some other lovely blogs to check out and follow x

  • I’m absolutely loving this blog hop. It’s so awesome to discover why we each love to write and how we go about it. You have a beautiful way with words, Josefa. x

  • Lovely to hear why you enjoy writing Josefa. Great idea with the link up xxx

  • christinekt

    Enjoying reading one of your posts for the first time. Lovely to meet you. Great topic – writing is so personal and universal at the same time.

  • Thanks for the blog hop! It’s great.

  • Such a fab idea! Thanks for the opportunity to link up with this blog hop, I have bookmarked this page for lots of future reading 🙂

  • I’m such a monkey, I’ve linked up twice. I have a mind like a sieve… x

  • It’s really lovely learning more about all the bloggers out there. Thank you for sharing your story and running this link up x

  • Thanks for link up Josefa. I will be back . So many great minds.

  • Great idea to put them all together in a link up.

  • Finally did a post!! Took me a while to finally come to decision to write one and even longer to write!! Thanks for the link up!

  • Rita@thecraftyexpat

    This is a great blog hop! And, thank you so much for the link up. It was great to meet you IRL Josefa and good luck with all your projects and writing.

  • I just posted mine. Such a great blog hop and my very first 🙂

  • Kim | Melbourne Mum

    Great blog hop! I’m totally onto this once I finish editing my book (oh the irony of not writing why I write NOW because I’m too busy writing. Pah!) Kx

  • Just posted mine, great process to go through thank you – my first blog hop and surely not my last! Great to link up with others too 🙂

  • I just posted mine – thank you so much for the chance to join in and I’m looking forward to settling back with a coffee to read some more of these great blog posts! 🙂

  • Hello,

    I just added my link to my post on the ‘Why I write’ blog hop. It was a challenging and fun experience. Thanks very much for hosting this linky Always Josefa. Best wishes! 🙂

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