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A Quick Fix


For one reason or another, it seems that a day cannot pass when I don’t need a quick fix. A Berroca in the morning. A quick two minutes on the couch playing Frozen. An afternoon espresso. Small pockets of escape that help me get through my day. My obsession with coffee is no secret, yet there seems to be one more thing I turn to for one of my most effective quick fixes: online shopping.

I do not want to remember what life was like before online shopping existed. I am happy to miss out on the frustration of driving in circles trying to find a car space at a shopping centre. I do not miss waiting in line to pay. I do not want to trawl from one store to the next hoping to find one thing I may like. I am happy to give up the feeling of disappointment, leaving empty handed. I am even happier to give up leaving with hands full of bags, realising that I have paid too much for everything.

Quick Fix

Online shopping for me now is like therapy. I jump online just to look, to distract the time, to indulge my senses in all the beautiful things I do not necessarily need, but certainly love.

I have sites that I visit every morning, just to update my wish list, waiting for the day that everything goes on sale. I have sites that I visit to dream about a house without toys or clutter and white walls that do not need another coat of paint. I have sites that I visit just to escape.

Quick Fix

Once upon a time, most of the sites I trawled where based overseas. Whether they shipped here or not I was religiously paying homage to stores that didn’t exist in Australia. I would lust over their wares and fancy, almost like I was walking down the streets of New York again. I still check out many overseas sites, but it seems that local, home grown sites have really improved in the last year or so.

From holidays, to my groceries, or even food for my little bunnies, I always shop online. If I need a present or a card, or just something special for someone I love, my first stop is online. Apart from being easy, it makes more sense. With a click I can compare prices, check availability and flick through a few options – without even leaving my chair (or my pyjamas).

Quick Fix

So while some of my quick fix remedies may seem a little crazy (yes, hubby there are a lot of coffee pods in the bin lately), online shopping isn’t one of them. If anything, the more stores that offer online shopping the happier I will be. As for my quick fix – well online shopping soothes the senses, without always having to buy something (and if you manage to buy something cheap or on sale that it is only a bonus!)

Tell me do you shop online?
What are your favourite stores to visit – so I can check them out too?
What quick fix gets you through your day?


Disclosure: A Quick Fix was written in collaboration with Crazy Sales, the fastest growing site for online shopping in Australia! Where the prices are so cheap, you’d be crazy not to check it out. All opinions expressed are my own.

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