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My blog is one !

I have tormented myself over this post for hours. Somehow with each draft I delete I have felt that it is not quite right. It is not quite good enough. My blog is one! I have to stop and pause when I read over that. There is a small part of me that still can’t believe it is true. This last year has been one of the most important of my life. I made a promise to myself when I started this blog that I would give this little space one hundred per cent of my effort and my attention. When I hit publish on that very first blog post I was not confident that I could live up to that promise.

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At the beginning it was hard. Each week as I tried to sift through the jumble of thoughts and emotions, so that they made sense and had some connection, wore away at me. I was my worst critic. I doubted, criticised and condemned almost every word and every photo.

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Yet as the year slowly unfolded, I learned to be less critical. My expectations of myself didn’t change. But my perception of the blog did. I started to like it here. Really like it. I loved watching the words flow, the images follow and most importantly, I would sit back once a post was done, and enjoy reading it for myself, like it was brand new.

My little writing space has become a part of me and grows to be more a part of me each day.

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Sometimes I think it is expected to rattle off numbers, statistics and achievements in honour of a first blog birthday. But that is not what this space is about. That is not what I am about. The achievement is that I kept my promise. A promise that I made to myself and one that I worked hard to keep. That is more than enough. I will never take what I have created for granted. I will never take myself for granted. In that lies a task greater than any other I have set out to do.

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I know it sounds cliché to thank your readers on a blog birthday, but I feel that if I don’t, I would be leaving out such a huge part of what this space is all about. Yet a simple thank you doesn’t seem like enough. In that, I am giving away a little something I love, to one of my beautiful readers, as a way of celebrating always Josefa turning one. A Coach bag and scarf to the reader who answers the following question best:

If you were to send always Josefa a card to commemorate turning one,
what would you write in that card?

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Birthdays demand celebrations and I want to celebrate always Josefa turning one. I love the community that has grown from this space. I love the connection I have made with people who I would never have known, were it not for this space. Maybe next year I’ll have to organise champagne and cupcakes for everyone as way to celebrate? I guess therein lies the one thing I love most about this space. I love all the possibility.

Thank you

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Disclosure: This post was sponsored by me ~ it is as simple as that. A small thank you to the community of readers that have become such a part of this space that I feel humbled and blessed each time they read my words and share my stories. 

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