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Keep it Simple

There was once a time in my life where the cleanliness of my house was high up on my list of priorities. No dust, immaculate floors and a constant state of tidiness. That was until, I had a baby. Even before this little person could crawl or walk the state of cleanliness of this house was in drastic decline. Even if I had the time to clean, all I wanted to do was sleep. After one baby, I had another and it seemed that I had lost any hope of getting any order back into keeping this house clean and tidy.


What was surprising was that it didn’t matter anymore. You see, as my boys grew older and I did have more time on my hands, the last thing I wanted to do was obsess over housework again. Instead, I switched my old attitude for a new one. Keep the kitchen tidy, the bathrooms wiped down and if the floors are done once every two weeks – then that was good enough.


What never changed was personal hygiene. If anything, personal hygiene became more important. Little hands were always dirty. Little hands were always touching just about everything. So from an early age, I realised that the quicker I taught my boys to wash their hands, use the soap and keep them clean then we were off to a good start. I placed hand sanitiser in the bathrooms for the times when mummy wasn’t around to manage their soap and water and it worked a treat. I rarely find myself wiping down hand prints from furniture or toys. I rarely find myself even reminding the boys to wash their hands anymore. It has become habit which is exactly what I was hoping for.


Even when there are times that I do need to wipe things down, the old bucket and water seem to be long gone. Wipes are like chocolate in this house. Everyone wants them, everyone loves them and everyone knows what to do with them. Whether it is cleaning up after arts and crafts, after snack time, or even after our little bunny, wipes are our first line of defence. My boys love being able to help clean up and using wipes is the easiest way for them to get involved.


So while the old days of scrubbing floors and polishing mirrors may be over, the new routine in place is so much better. Clean hands mean less work and a tub of wipes on standby can almost clean up any mess. Leaving more time for doing the fun stuff, like making that mess in the first place.

What ways do you keep housework simple and hands clean at your place?


Disclosure: Keep it Simple was written in collaboration with Dettol, who with their exciting new program aim to spread personal hygiene and happiness from home cleaning to school and beyond. All opinions expressed are my own.

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