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Melissa and Rebekah: A Leap of Faith

The mere mention of the word and most people shudder – the idea of the “in-laws” something we often joke and complain about. While some of us have loving relationships with our in-laws, many of us have the complete opposite. So when two women find themselves marrying brothers and becoming sisters-in-law how do they then become business partners and amazing friends? This is Melissa and Rebekah. This is their story.

Cupcakes and Cola

Six years ago, lying in the recovery room of a hospital, having just given birth to her little girl, the spark that united these two women was ignited. Melissa, a nurse working at the hospital, came and sat with Rebekah for the entire time during her recovery. “From that moment on, I knew we had that extra bond.” Now, married to brothers and with five children between them these two women are proving that in-laws can work together, if anything, they can be unstoppable together.

Cupcakes and Cola

“We are both obsessed with children’s clothes, so when a major competitor closed down we thought it was a perfect time to open up a children’s online clothing store.” But the birth of Cupcakes and Cola was far from that simple. With both husbands working full time in demanding roles, these mummies had to do it all on their own. One would hold the baby, while the other typed. One would change the nappies, while the other wrote the business plan. They would dictate and discuss things with each other across the room, while baby juggling the entire time.

Cupcakes and Cola

But the juggle payed off with a business plan approved, suppliers negotiated with and a fabulous site launched. Now these two ladies are learning how the industry operates. Without any mentors, they only have each other to rely on. But there is no bickering and no arguing, just simple honesty. “If we are going to do this all it comes down to is honesty, we just need to be honest with each other. Whether it is financially, her ideas, my ideas, Facebook posts we need to always be honest and cannot take offence.”

Cupcakes and Cola

“Family is everything to us and sticking together as a family is really important.” With their mother-in-law as one of their biggest fans these daughter-in-laws have shown her that they are keeping the family close together and that means the world to both of them. “We really want to make this work, this is something that we love, so we want to really work at it.” With a vision to be one of those success stories that you often hear about, where a small business started off at home and grew into a success, these ladies have many plans for Cupcakes and Cola. Where once upon a time doubt held them back, now nothing stands in their way.

Cupcakes and Cola Cupcakes and Cola Cupcakes and Cola

“It is so important to make the most of every opportunity, whether it is being a mum, or being a mum that works, you need to just grab each opportunity and make the most of it.” While both women struggled with the mummy guilt, wondering if they were forgoing time with their kids to meet the demands of their growing business, they are learning to leave that behind. “If anything, the kids are learning that Mum can do everything while I am sitting on her lap.”

“We wouldn’t have a story to tell if we didn’t take that leap of faith. The key was to believe in ourselves that we could do it.” It is so easy to be defined by our doubts and our insecurities. Yet the moment we let that go and allow clarity to guide us, anything is possible, especially when we take a leap of faith.

 Do you get along with your in-laws?

Cupcakes and Cola

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Disclosure: This post was sponsored by meeting two incredible women who are not only inspiring, but showed me that despite feeling alone and isolated in our quest to be “Mum” we are actually all the same – working hard and always wanting the best for our kids. We need to be bound by our similarities and not divided by the differences.

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