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I Blog on Tuesdays

IBOT is the acronym for – I Blog on Tuesdays

Before this blog existed (even in my head), I felt like the mechanical turning of the routine was reinforcing my boredom. Then, on an ordinary Friday at work, I made the choice to follow my passion. I decided to write. Instantly, something changed. I was inspired, motivated, excited, overwhelmed. I wrote for a whole year before I published my first post. It took me that long to find the confidence to allow the whole wide world to read my words.

One of the comments on my very first post was from one of my favourite bloggers. Once I stopped gushing and recovered from my complete fan girl moment, I took her advice: “link up with Jess for IBOT.” The very next Tuesday I linked up my first IBOT post, and continued to do so every Tuesday after that. Very quickly, people were actually reading my words and connecting with my stories. I was discovering new blogs and people were discovering always Josefa.

Tuesdays began to fill with excitement. I would always have a new post ready. Link up bright and early. Then indulge in new posts to read. While my own inbox pinged with emails notifying me of comments left on my own post. I loved Tuesdays.

The number of linked posts to IBOT grows each week, so to make sure everyone has their post read and comments left, Jess has enlisted the help of team IBOT. Team IBOT read, comment and share posts every Tuesday and this year I am a member of the team! I am still struggling to find the words to explain what that means to me.

Every Tuesday, I fall into the world of words and magic that each linked post brings. IBOT magic is all about hard work and dedication, not just traffic and post comments. IBOT deserves respect. That we bloggers play by the rules. Good karma is easy to come by if we do.


IBOT for #teamIBOT
# comment on allocated IBOT posts signing off as #team IBOT
# encourage new bloggers to come and share in the IBOT community
# respect the rules of IBOT and encourage others to do the same


IBOT for #bloggers
# link up to IBOT with a new post published on Tuesday
# link back to Jess and IBOT in your post or sidebar
# comment on IBOT posts you read – pick a number of posts and stick to it


IBOT for #readers
# if your favourite bloggers links to IBOT read their post
# click their link to Jess and read other IBOT posts
# find new blogs, new words, new magic to enjoy

Every Tuesday, posts are linked and more words are written. I am among a writing community that feels like home.

Do you link up to IBOT? Do you play by the rules?

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