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A Leap of Faith

It was a dull, lifeless Friday in the middle of May. I had been idling on Facebook all day working all day.  Someone, at some point had “liked” a link on Facebook.  It was the Problogger Training Event 2012 event.  I clicked.  It looked interesting.

I came back to the page.  The event was on days that the boys were already looked after.  It was in Melbourne.

I came back to the page.  Early bird tickets had just been released.  They were only limited.

I came back to the page. In the one hour I was at lunch, twenty tickets had been sold.  I emailed my sister, what do you think? Her reply was instant, just go!

I came back to the page. I idled and fluffed.  More tickets were sold each time I checked.

My day ended and I picked up my boys.  Hubby was out for work, so it was just me and them.  For the first time, I took my laptop to bed.  And I kept checking the tickets.  More sold.

I tried to call hubby.  Phone off.  No reply.

In the silence of my house, with my two boys asleep on my bed, the light from the laptop only barely filled the room.  I took a deep breath and let go.  I clicked to buy one of the last few early bird tickets.  And in that instant, I took a leap of faith. My leap of faith.  I trusted my gut.  Shut out my head.  And jumped.  I’m going to the Problogger Training Event 2012. I-am-going!

a leap of faith

I have never impulsively, spontaneously, spur of the moment, jumped at anything ever before. This one is for me baby!  Every minute.  Every ounce.

Exhilaration? Yes.

Anxiety? Yes.

Intimidation? Yes.

Adrenalin? Yes.

I wanted to jump up and down on the bed!

Instantly, I thought, I need to book in my lashes!

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