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Are you a blogger or a writer?

In a passing conversation a few weeks ago a comment was said that really set me thinking. Among a group of writers the words hung precariously in the air: “I don’t want to be a “blogger”. Nothing wrong with bloggers but just not the title I’m after.” I must admit that as soon as the words were uttered my stomach twisted itself into a little knot and in a tight squeeze I wondered “why not? What is so wrong with being a blogger?”


I certainly respect that not everyone may want to be a blogger and diversity is not only good it is a necessity. But my twitching uncertainty over the label of a blogger versus a writer made me start to wonder: am I a blogger or a writer? Is there a difference? And more so, can a person ever be both?


As a society we are so transfixed on labelling everything. It is almost like we walk around with little Dymo label makers, madly punching out sticky words, printing them and adhering them onto everything and everyone. In this particular case, is it possible to stick two labels on the one person – blogger and writer?


I started my blog to write. Rewind time and circumstance and perhaps my only opportunity to write would have been to draft manuscript after manuscript and submit these to publishers in anxious anticipation. Or simply keep the words locked up in journals that now collect dust on my top shelf. Now while I certainly can still write those manuscripts and I do still keep a journal. There is a little place made of magic where my words can exist in a way that never could before – my blog.


I could wax lyrical that I blog therefore I am. I write therefore I breathe. But honestly I think it is much simpler than that. I write my words in ways and voices that shift and change. I use those words as a voice on platforms that are my own and platforms that belong to others. I write my words to connect with others. That connection has a heart and at its soul is my blog. Here lies a community of people that come to read my words.


Being a blogger is not just a title I am after; it is a title that gives me immense pride. Being a writer is not just a title I am after; it is a title that gives me my most humble of blessings. So I am both a blogger and a writer. While they may certainly never be the same, in my life they are equally important.


So many voices are coming together, almost like a church choir in song, post after post of heart felt words of why bloggers write. Are these bloggers not writers? Are these writers not bloggers? And more so, in an ever changing landscape of the way we connect and communicate – do we even need to draw a line?


We are simply a community connected by our words, we always have been. Blogger, writer, dancer or dreamer, I would much rather be united in our differences than divided by them.

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Are you a blogger or a writer? Is there a difference? Can a person ever be both?


A HUGE hug and heartfelt thank you to the amazing women who took a moment out of their day to contribute to this post ~ if you have not met them yet please take a minute to say hello to the gorgeous, talented and fabulous: Bron from Maxabella Loves, Mrs Woog from Woogsworld, Sonia from Sonia Styling, Sash from Inked in Colour, Jodi from Practising Simplicity, Danielle from Keeping up with the Holsbys, Cherie from Raising Master Max and Sonia from Life, Love and Hiccups  xx

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