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It Is Her Uterus, Not Mine

The “us” and “them” mentality of society is starting to drive me a little crazy. Every news article I read and opinion article I raise my eyebrows at is promoting division. It seems that our society is motivated and sustained through polar and judgmental opposition. Especially women.

Perhaps women have been judging each other since the dawn of time. Perhaps it is inherent in our hormones, in our instincts and in our lack of sanity as we grow older with a cast of children underneath our skirts. The fundamental basics involved with raising children are reason alone to separate women into opposing armies. Perhaps it is because there are no fundamental basics. The vaccination debate. The breastfeeding debate. The co-sleeping debate. The routine debate. I could fill the rest of this post with one issue after another that have given us reason to build brick walls and thrown stones at each other.

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