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Conversations with Magic

Do you believe in magic? I think as adult’s magic holds no place in our lives. Not even in our darkest of moments do we reach out to magic, we cling on to the darkness instead.

As the year turns on itself, I find myself needing a little magic. I certainly need more magic than I do darkness. Perhaps darkness is too strong a word. For life is good, jazz hands type of good. Sure there is lingering uncertainty and anticipation, as there always is in life, but no darkness.


That doesn’t stop me feeling a little disheartened these days. A little like the year is moving faster than I can keep up and a little like it is going sideways instead of in a straight line.

In these moments I need a little magic. I need a sense of believing in myself again. Believing that in the turbulence I am ok, this is ok, everything is ok.


It is so easy to get caught up and think that life is steam rolling and pushing past us, getting caught up in matters that don’t belong to us, issues that feel so heated and important, but really aren’t. Days when the noise is greater than the silence and it all becomes too easy to forget.

I seek the magic in that noise. The cacophony that clouds my head reaches out for the ease of magic. I yearn for a little fairy dust and the truth that floats in the air as it glitters and glistens. In the sparkle I find the tiniest of reminders to believe that everything is possible.


Only recently I turned magic into something real in our house. It took barely moments, some adhesive and a little faith to create our nook of magic.

His name is Arlo and he is the keeper of our secrets, the protector of our dreams and the warrior of our curiosity – fighting for us to keep believing in ourselves even in times when we don’t believe in ourselves. His little blue door is a gateway to imagination, creativity and curiosity that lately seems to be forgotten more than remembered.

At first I thought Arlo would be for my boys. But now I know Arlo was always for me. He is a connection between me, my boys and endless conversations and stories about Arlo. Yet he is also my connection, my escape into a world of fairy tales and dreams that I need so much to stay grounded.


I never had the courage to buy one of these fairy doors, instead I won Arlo, and it was the best surprise from the Universe yet. For each time I walk past Arlo’s corner or see fairy dust sprinkled around the house it gives me reason to stop and pause.

The magic is real, it is the darkness that is our illusion.


Do you believe in magic?

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