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A Melbourne girl who loves her coffee Josefa is a writer, blogger, scientist and juggler. She juggles one husband, two boys, two bunnies and a list of endless possibility.

In 2014, her blog always Josefa was a top 5 finalist in the Kidspot Voices of 2014 Personal and Parenting category.

Also in 2014 , her blog always Josefa was a finalist in the Blogher 2014 Voices of the Year in the Heart category for her post Maltese Qassatat.


As a freelance writer Josefa has been published in The Huffington Post, Mamamia, Kidspot, Sunday Life (Fairfax), Life & Style (Fairfax), Daily Life (Fairfax), Essential Baby (Fairfax), Essential Kids (Fairfax), iVillage, Kiki & Tea, The Shake and Alphabet Street.

As an aspiring author Josefa hopes to one day be jumping up and down on Oprah’s couch celebrating the launch of her latest novel.


In a snapshot I adore all things yellow. I love to eat, but not cook. I seek out the ocean and crave the sun. I prefer real books over e-books. I am always trying to capture the moment. I am working on being in the moment. I believe that somewhere somehow Hogwarts is real. And if I could be anyone for the day I think I would be Anne and spend the day down at Green Gables


Everything is possible. That possibility is what drives me. The power of our inner voice should never be underestimated. If we ever fall off track we need to come back to that inner voice and start again. Life is far more than we ever imagined. We need to escape the boundaries we have created in our minds and embrace everything that we are capable of. Everyone has a journey, this one is mine.


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