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Live the Moment

The alarm clock sits on her bedside table. A wedding gift from ten years ago now. The bright green digital numbers only serve to mock her. 5.45am. She can hear the footsteps coming down the hall. “Mummy it is morning.”

Her mind starts to tick. Must check the rabbit. Must sort out the lunches. Must get the uniforms ready. Must check emails. Must check Facebook. Must do the beds. Must. Must. Must.

In a moment she is squashed under the weight of her four year old. Sloppy morning kisses. His chatter. His excitement. “Is it kinder today?” She laughs to herself. How can he not remember? In that moment, she wishes that is all she had to remember in her day.

With a tickle and a cuddle she assures him that ‘yes today is kinder!’ She swings him under the bedcovers and props him up on the pillows to watch the morning cartoons in bed. Her mind starts to tick again. Must read the paper. Must think of another pitch. Must write to-do list. Where is the rabbit?

Live in the Moment

Every day is the same. Yesterday dissolves into her pillow as she sleeps at night. Tomorrow somehow always feels out of reach. Sometimes she wonders, is today even here at all?

Scattered throughout the house, the voice of motivation is everywhere. Books piled in corners filled with pages of esteemed writers and their passionate pleas. Framed prints act as reminders to slow down, take stock and enjoy the moment. Small trinkets from her travels are monuments to what really is important.

Thrown across the couch her iPad glows. The quote that she has saved on the screen acts as a daily reminder. “In between goals is a thing called life, that has to be lived and enjoyed” ~ Sid Caesar.

Live in the Moment

Amongst all of the doing and the rushing she often forgets that life is about living. Always chasing the dream and ticking off the to-do list, she sometimes underestimates how fulfilling the simplicity of just enjoying life can be.

Moments when she sits in the afternoon sun, absently staring out the window with a hot cup of tea in hand. Mornings that she spends cuddled up on the couch watching cartoons with her boys. Nights spent with hubby, having a cheeky wine in bed while watching Offspring together. If she closes her eyes and sits in the quiet, she finds the answer. Be humbled by life. Live the moments.

What motivational quote do you live by?


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