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Be My Baby Forever


Hi, this is PJ, he is a professional little boy, so I can’t show you his face on this blog. He drives me crazy and makes my heart melt all in one swing. All he wants to do is grow up. All I want is for him to be my little boy forever.

Be MY Baby Forever

Being a kid is a hard gig. PJ worries over whether he should have one Nutella wrap or two for his snack, whether zombies are real, why goldfish need to go to heaven and whether the day will ever come when he finally catches up with his older brother.

Be My Baby Forever

Keeping up with his brother is a priority. Perhaps more so, it is his mission. He just wants to be older and do all sorts of older kids stuff. On some things he comes up trumps. He mines better than his brother in Minecraft and eats twice as much as his brother ever will. On other things, there are little legs that get tired quicker and a little heart that needs more hugs and cuddles from Mum.

Be My Baby Forever

I have a tender spot for this little boy. Maybe it is because he is my baby. Maybe it is because he is so little. Maybe he simply has me twisted around his tiny little finger so much. Either way when it comes to anything grown up I tend to let them lag when it comes to PJ.

Be My Baby Forever

One of those things was his car seat. Poor little man has been cramped up in his brothers hand me down car seat for ages. He was been asking us for a new one, a booster like his brother. But I simply have been brushing it off as just one more thing that screams my baby is growing up.

Be My Baby Forever

But this kid gets car sick, even on the shortest of trips and being squashed up in a confined car seat was not helping. So I took a deep breathe, swallowed my fears and switched him into a booster. PJ couldn’t be happier. A booster like his brother! It was like a ticket to grown up-ville. Not only is he happier, the car sickness seems to have subsided a little. A two hour drive this weekend and we only had to open the window a fraction and he was fine.

Be My Baby Forever

Turns out little boys grow up, whether we want them to or not. While we may always foster their happiness, their safety is something we should never compromise. I should have switched PJ’s car seat ages ago. The new Safe-n-Sound Tourer is super easy to install and use. It looks great, has a great fit and is easy to move around. Plus, PJ still has lots of room to grow in it.

Be My Baby Forever

I think no matter how much PJ does grow up he is always going to be my baby. Something about his cheeky smile, his lingering cuddles and his humble heart that reassures me these things won’t ever fade.

Is there someone in your life who will be your baby forever?


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Disclosure: Be My Baby Forever was written in collaboration with Britax Safe-n-Sound. Safety should never be compromised and these guys are Australia’s leading car seat manufacturer. I have been a Safe-n-Sound fan since the first ever car seat we bought for AJ and with the new Tourer, I’m still a fan. All opinions expressed are my own.

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  • Loree

    Mothers – Happy to see them grown and sad they are no longer mischievous toddlers 🙂

  • LydiaCLee

    They’ll always be my babies. This makes the ten roll his eyes and shuffle away…

  • I think they will always be my babies. Im about to have another so my actual baby is longer….

  • Nicole Kent

    My little boy – regardless of whether hes 2 or 22, he always my little baby (or big baby by then). That love between a mother and son is so unique.

  • Lndeang

    The fingerprints are getting higher, and soon will disappear..But they will always be my babies for many more years.

  • chantel

    I’m in the same position – Z is 4.5 and still in his baby seat and only now that I’m pregnant am I considering moving him. Growing up is hard……. For the mums 😉

  • tanya clarke

    My son will always be my baby boy. He has my whole heart for my whole life.

  • My little guy turns five very soon, too soon… I’ll miss him when he is off to school next year! So, my little guy. He’ll be my baby forever.

  • I think both my kids will always be my babies!! Even at 39 years of age, I know I’m still my Mum’s baby girl!

  • Crankycaroline

    My first will ALWAYS be my baby 😀

  • Holli Roberts

    Great giveaway! Lovely words. x

  • I think I baby my youngest too and maybe my middle, wait hang on – I do it to all of them!! Precious words about your gorgeous son x

  • We have a safe n sound seat for bub, thankfully it’ll be a while before she grows out of it.

  • Jenny L

    I’ve told all my kids that they’ll always be my babies, no matter how old they are. 🙂

  • My baby turns four next week and it hurts my heart. But she will always be my baby. They all will and for different reasons. 🙂

  • My youngest has just turned 5. They stay babies in your heart forever.

  • I think both of my girls will always stay my babies in my heart x

  • Denise Mooney

    I only have one so he will definitely always be my baby!

  • My baby is 22 months old…and my other “baby” is 12 this year! Time really flies!

  • Skye

    My son indi. One day he’ll grow up to be a big strong man but I’m sure even then he’ll always be my baby 🙂

  • Mark Downey, Fullhalfglass

    He will always be your baby. Hopefully though, unlike my 27 year old baby boy, he won’t stay at home forever

  • Karina Lee

    My little girl. She is growing up so fast though!

  • jody buhagiar

    My 4 boys, will always be babies !!!

  • Michaela Fox

    This post mirrors my feelings in so many ways. My 5yo baby is growing up far too fast. Having just enrolled her in school for next year I am aware that her baby days are firmly in the rear-vision mirror. But booster or not, she will forever be my first-born “baby” at heart.

  • Great post – love Brittax. My BOB running pram is awesome. Definitely know how it feels when you’re little one grows up too fast. My bubba is 15 months this week and wearing shoes!! Where did the time go!

  • Renee at Mummy, Wife, Me

    Aww. Yes, I think my youngest will always be my baby forever. PJ is just so cute. He sounds like he has such a gorgeous personality. We are safe n sound fans in this house and would love to upgrade to a bigger one for Smiley in the very near future.
    Ps. The way you present your content and images in each post is just beautiful. So professional!

  • I’ll have three babies forever – my actual babies, and my younger step-sister. I was 15-going-on-16 when our parents got married, and she had just turned 7. In a family with five kids, my step-dad became the chef, my mum the Laundromat, and I was chief bedtime story-reader and putter-to-bederrer. And chief Disney-at-the-flicks partner. She’s 23 now but will always seem 7 to me.

  • Kasey Evans

    Yes my youngest and I always tell her that!

  • My eldest will always be my baby even though his brother is the youngest and still actually a baby.

    He leans on me a lot, requires mummies help frequently and treasures snuggles and words of affection. He needs me close and tells me that he loves me forever and ever and ever. He is sweetest of sweets.

  • kookla123

    My three beautiful daughters will always be my babies. They have given me so much. Sometimes I think it’s both a blessing and a curse to feel things so deeply; motherhood has been the best journey, but very emotional and at times, overwhelming. I love my girls more than any other thing in the world!

  • TeganMC

    My little guy turned 5 on the weekend and it is just unbelievable. I feel like it was only yesterday that I was bringing him home from the hospital. Now he is doing things like building lego creations and running off to play with kids without a second glance!

  • Diana

    Our gorgeous cat who’s not well so needs special care for the rest of his life, he will be our baby forever because of the extra care and love he requires.

  • Diana O

    Hubby, he’s gonna be my baby forever more 🙂

  • Carolyn

    Yes my youngest will always be my baby. She is growing up too fast and will soon be four 🙁

  • Mellie Jane

    My little guy the youngest of all my babies and my only son my baby forever.

  • Jocelyn R

    My first born, no matter how big he grows he will still always be my baby.

  • Karen Edwards

    My little miss 16 months will be the baby forever as she is our last, 3 is certainly enough kiddies for us 🙂

  • Jody at Six Little Hearts

    Beautiful images Josefa!
    All of my six babies will alwaysbe my babies and I tell them this regularly. I wish they didn’t grow up!

  • staceyshailer

    I think all 3 of my kids will be my babies forever, but especially our new little girl. As a 3rd ‘surprise’ after deciding we were done with 2 kids, she has given me a 3rd chance to enjoy and cherish that baby stage again, and made me realise that our family was incomplete without her, even though we didn’t realise it at first.

  • Claire Rheinheimer

    My children will all always be my babies, but probably especially my 16 year old daughter who was my youngest for 14 years and my youngest daughter for 16 years. My youngest baby- 1 year old- always will be too.

  • Sharill

    Oh yes! My son will always be my baby, and he knows it! I love him so much I wish we could be immortal to watch him, love him and hug him forever!! <3

  • Elise

    My littlest one – I never realised what a difference it would make knowing that I would not be having any more babies. Every milestone he hits breaks my hearts just a little, and I love that he will still snuggle in for some Mummy time. I hope it never stops!

  • Joanne Emery

    both my gorgeous daughters – grown, married and with their own families,now, but I <3 them to bits xx

  • Cate

    My 3 year old son will always be my baby forever. Although when I call him my baby boy you can hear him loud and clear, “I’m not a baby, I’m a big boy!”

  • Michelle Gray

    My last born, regardless of age, she will always be my baby.


    Michaela Fox ~ This post mirrors my feelings in so many ways. My 5yo baby is growing up far too fast. Having just enrolled her in school for next year I am aware that her baby days are firmly in the rear-vision mirror. But booster or not, she will forever be my first-born “baby” at heart.

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