Random Act of Spending 50K in One Day

Imagine you had fifty thousand dollars to spend in one day. Pay off the mortgage, go on … Continue Reading...

Pieces of Me

Summer Dreaming – Tiger Tribe Giveaway

Summer dreaming is easy to do lately. As the year winds down all I look forward to … Continue Reading...

Nine Months More

Miniature terrarium bonbonniere

The responsibilities of being a godparent are many. The responsibilities of being a Greek godparent, a Nouna, … Continue Reading...

The Kinnie Club

Conversations with Letting Go

Four weeks ago when I set the next topic for #convocoffee I had no idea what the … Continue Reading...


Trust in the Process

The dead of winter late one night was when I saw it. Scrolling through my Instagram feed … Continue Reading...

Stories of You

When all your child wants f...

There is a constant pleading at our house at the moment, coming from my six-year-old son begging … Continue Reading...

Hot Off The Press

I Love Olives

A monthly dose of awesome launching in 2015!   Sign up to the I Love Olives mailing … Continue Reading...

I Love Olives

Meet Josefa

Sometimes the best way to get to know someone is to sit down and chat over a … Continue Reading...

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