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With Every Breath

I was really looking forward to AJ’s First Holy Communion. It was going to be a very special event in his life and an event that would bring the family all together. Right from the beginning I did not want this celebration to get the better of me. I can often get caught up in party-planning-mode. Starting with the intention to be small and then find that slowly everything escalates and almost feels out of control.


Simple was my motto. But like most things I do, simple rarely finishes the race without some glitz and glam. So in the lead up it felt like AJ’s communion was going from one thing to the next. One more thing to organise, one more thing to book in, one more thing to plan. At times I wondered why I even did this to myself?



When the day came I was caught in a whirl wind. Like I was watching through a vintage view master, clicking through one image at a time, waiting for the next moment to appear. Catching my breath as AJ put on his suit and was ready to head out to church. Having hubby lean over during mass and say what a special moment this was. Having all the family over for afternoon tea at our place before going to the reception. Tears in my eyes listening to AJ’s speech. Dancing with my boys. Dancing with my cousin’s little girls. Click-click-click.



That night as I tucked in an exhausted AJ and PJ into bed was when it hit me. The significance of the day. It was more than AJ celebrating one of his blessed sacraments. More than a family catching up for a night. It was more than a perfectly planned party ready to be shared on Instagram. It was a chance to celebrate my boys.




Staring down at their faces as they lay asleep in bed. The dim hallway light casting shadows across the walls. I found myself whispering I will celebrate you with every breath. It came over me without expectation. A voice spoken into the still night. I will celebrate you with every breath. Every chance I get.




It may sound silly or seem obvious, and you can certainly argue that I don’t need an extravagant event to celebrate my boys or even realise how important they are to me. But I don’t live in that world. I live in a world where our days are rushed, non-stop, go-go-go. Simply getting through each day replaces any chance I have to pause and reflect. Days like AJ’s communion hit pause and bring everything to the surface.



The details don’t matter, the hashtags irrelevant, a lavish party or BBQ at home, a hundred people there or only ten. In the chaos of life, these are the moments that matter. A chance to cherish my boys, cherish how proud I am of them and what incredible people they are.


I look back on the photographs from the day and want nothing more. The planning, the budgets, the preparations all worth it. I realise now that the voice who spoke into the night as my boys slept was the little voice driving me. It was the voice helping me tie the bows, pack the cakes, arrange the flowers and break in my shoes. A voice that I will always listen to.


AJ celebrated his communion in a way that honoured his faith, our family, his Maltese traditions and his Greek traditions. A communion of all that matters most to us.


I will celebrate you with every breath. Every chance I get. Every moment I can. I would lift you up on my shoulders if I could. So you could reach higher than you have dreamed. So that you can believe everything is possible. And I will always be right there beside you, behind you, beneath you. Two hearts forever connected. With every breath.


Invitations & paperie: adelphi mou | Cake, cake balls & cookies: Baked by Belinda 
Balloons: Taynelle Party Balloon Designs | Photography: Beckon Media


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  • You certainly know how to celebrate Josefa!

  • My goodness! You guys sure know how to party. Such beautiful photos and sentiment. I love the boys’ haircuts. Such handsome little dudes x

    • Those haircuts will be the end of me one day – the poor hairdresser freezes up the minute we walk in wondering what soccer player they want to look like that day 😉

  • LydiaCLee

    I think big celebrations often make you stop doing everything else (even in your head) and focus. And so whatever the work beforehand, it makes it all worthwhile just for that.

    • I agree too, the way a celebration can shift focus, or give you focus, is like nothing else sometimes xx

  • Natalie @ Our Parallel Connect

    This looks beautiful Josef and so do you. I love that you mention we need to celebrate our famemilies more often and not just wait for the big event.

    • We seem to go from one celebration tot he next in this house and our family, each time family is at the centre of it xx

  • What beautiful photos Josefa, and a beautiful moment to cherish for always. x

  • What a beautiful day for you all. A wonderful event. The sense of community you have is a true blessing.

    • I have never really though of it as a sense of community, just as a family, I quite like the idea of it being both, thank you xx

  • What a beautiful celebration of your special boy, and this life you share together. The photos are stunning – what magical memories and your dress is just gorgeous!

  • writeofthemiddle

    Wow Josefa – such beautiful photo’s, such a gorgeous family, and what wonderful memories. I see so much love in those photographs and in your words. You have every reason to be very proud. 🙂 xo

  • Wow, that celebration looks amazing, like it could have been a wedding. What lovely pics and memories.

    • Oh my goodness I can’t even imagine another wedding! I tried to keep this celebration low key 😉

  • Gorgeous Josefa, and what fabulous photos you have to remind you of that one day and as symbols of the ever present celebrations.

  • Beautiful- the photos show a wonderful celebration and your words capture your love as well. Xx

  • Gorgeous photos! Congrats to AJ. I agree, the big events are worth all the planning so that you don’t have anything left to stress over on the day and you can just enjoy it. #teamIBOT

    • I think so too Em, I hate leaving anything to the last minute or rushed, especially on big events xx

  • I love the connections in all of the photos, they are filled with love, just as it should be. Thank you for sharing such a special day, and I agree, it doesn’t matter the occasion, there is nothing like celebrating or babies!

    • On some days my boys seem so big and growing so fast, then on celebrations like this one, they still feel like tiny babies in my arms, we should celebrate them always xx

  • What a beautiful celebration. And just quietly I know it is not about you, but you look stunning in that dress where is it from?!

  • Anything that lets you have a great break from the day to day and reflect (and look forward) is pretty special!

    • I have never really though of a celebration as a break from the day to day – but it is a spectacular way to break the routine of things, thank you xx

  • WOW, a big and beautiful celebration – such a lovely family you have shines through. And your dress is just gorgeous – you looked beautiful.

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