Pieces of Me


Here we are. Six months into what was once a New Year. To say that time seems to be flying is quite the understatement. Time is on fast forward it seems. I look back on the first post I wrote this year and despite all that has happened since then; I’d like to think that I am still on track. I still have the eagerness and motivation to fill my days with more pauses, more appreciation and less anxiety.

The spiritual and insightful chain of events that spurred from the BHB (un-)conference weekend cannot be underestimated this year. I walked away with a shift in my perception over many things. One of those things was the idea that I need to do less. Cut the ties of all that weighs me down, drags me down even. I walked out of that conference asking myself “what are you going to stop doing today?” and I am still asking that question.


It is certainly not a ground breaking, nor new question to ask. Maybe it is even a question that has been asked a thousand times before. But it is a question I am seeking new answers for. A question that I am seeking immediate answers for. The tiny voice in my heart lately has been whispering “the things you are going to stop doing are just as important” and a few weeks ago I actually listened to that voice. In one sweep I cut down my hours at work. Just like that. Stop.

But I did not cut out one job to fill those hours with other work. In this craving for less, I am craving my family and especially the connection with my boys so much more. So in a moment of passion, I set free one whole day in my week for no commitment, no schedule and no rules. Just me, the boys, dinner, cosy snuggles on the couch watching TV, free to do as we please, when we please.

If you had asked me a year ago if this was even possible, I would have been in stitches from the hilarity of what would have seemed completely impossible. Yet everything is possible.


Every day I not only hold onto the power of possibility, I surrender to it.

“Do you trust me?” asks the Universe.
“Oh I trust you, blindfolded and bound, I trust you.”

For it is within this trust that I have found my new sense of lightness. My sense of being empowered by my choices and energised by the path I travel on. Less is not only starting to feel like so much more, I crave this less with a hunger and passion that I never had for more.

What do you want to stop doing in your life? What do you crave less of?

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