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Some things are always important

aj_sdc_200Some things will always be important. Bed time stories, kisses good night, I love you’s: these are just a few things that will always be an important part of our day, our house and the heart beat that makes up our little family.

Some things we never even knew how important they would be, until we were faced with the challenges of a newborn baby who had allergies and eczema. A newborn baby that deconstructed the puzzle of parenthood time and time again with each new hurdle we needed to overcome as we learnt what was best for his skin, for his allergies and ultimately for his wellbeing.


Looking after AJ’s skin will always be important. Some days I catch myself looking at him and being just a little chuffed about the long way we have come. The long way that started at red raw itchy skin and a screaming baby, to now an almost eight year old boy who looks like he hardly has eczema.



Making sure that everyone in our family looks after their skin will always be important. Only a few weeks ago the once perfectly happy PJ, who washed his hair and skin with whatever took his fancy in the shower, had an allergic reaction to one of the products. Weeks later we are still trying to manage this for him. Reminding me how important skin and the products we use is.




With AJ we never compromised. Once his diagnosis became serious we switched exclusively to QV. My husband, who has suffered from eczema all his life, wholeheartedly entrusts his skin to QV and always has. So even before it was recommended to us by the nurses and doctors, we switched AJ to the QV range and have not looked back.



Instantly after PJ’s recent reaction, we exclusively switched him to the QV range too and the difference has been reassuring. If anything, PJ has had a recent little habit lately of biting his bottom lip and always having red raw itchy skin as a consequence. No amount of lip balms and lip creams seemed to ease this irritation for him, until we tried the QV lip balm and within days the irritation is almost gone. I’ll be sure to pack one of those little lip balms in his school bag for next year – it is that good.



I’ve learnt that when it comes to the things that are important, things that make a difference in the wellbeing of my family then I cannot afford to compromise. Sad faces at night because Mum is too tired to read them bed time stories are not worth it. There is always time for a story and a kiss good night. Itchy skin and irritation is not worth it. Products that I know work and products I have trusted for years will always be important for my family.

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What is important in your family?
Are eczema and allergies part of your family?


Disclosure: This post was written in collaboration with QV. A brand my family has trusted for years and will continue to trust for years to come. All opinions expressed are my own.

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