Nine Months More

Everyone Needs A Friend

It was late last year, a little before the Christmas rush had started. All week I had been watching her. She spent most of her day sitting in the same spot, by the window, face sullen and still. Every day it was the same. The change was noticeable, stark even. It was if a light had gone out and I didn’t know why. I blamed us. I blamed our busyness of life. I blamed the crescendo of end of year madness.


Sitting on the couch one night hubby turned to me and said “I think Paris is lonely, I think she needs a friend.” PJ had been saying the same thing all week. “Mummy Paris is sad, she needs a friend, can we get another bunny, please?” I couldn’t bear the thought of a new pet. It was the end of the year, Christmas was coming and we were going away over the summer, all the reasons stacked against it. So we made the decision that after summer we would think about getting a new bunny, a little friend for Paris.


Then like all things, the Universe took over. Hubby went away overseas for work. The day after he left a friend of mine sent me a message that a breeder he knew had a litter of baby bunnies that needed a home. Then he sent me the photos. Fluffy bundles of adorable grey, white and black. My heart melted. It was a sign. I showed the photos to PJ. It was decided, we were going to get a new bunny – that weekend.


So straight after swimming, we drove out to pick up our new bunny. AJ and I fell in love with a little orange bunny. But PJ swooped in and picked up a gorgeous little grey and white ball of fluff. She snuggled up close to him, buried her face into him and didn’t let go. My heart almost burst watching him cuddling her. In that moment a new member of our family was born. Driving home we tossed around names for her, in the end PJ chose Sunny. “Because she is like sunshine and that makes me happy mummy.”


Oh the challenges we have had trying to make Paris and Sunny friends. With a little bit of luck, so much patience from my Mum while we were away for the summer and a fancy new hutch for the both of them and they are now the very best of bunny friends. Paris was lonely. While we loved her so much, it just wasn’t the same as having a little bunny to be your best friend. They play all day together. They snuggle up and sleep together. They are almost inseparable.

I am so glad that we didn’t wait till after the summer. I am so grateful that possibility came our way and we just went with the flow. Everyone needs a friend, even little bunnies.

Do your pets have little pet friends?

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