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The only thing we talked about 10 years ago, is the thing no one talks about today

When Harry met Sally all those years ago, one fake orgasm in a New York deli was all it took to start the world talking about sex.

Then came Carrie Bradshaw and not only were we talking about sex, it was the only thing filling every conversation. I remember watching that last episode of Sex and the City; it was a girl’s night in with too many cosmopolitans and plenty of cheeky conversation.

Fast forward to today and in between breastfeeding and washing the dinner dishes, the conversation about sex seems to have been lost somewhere.

If anything the last thing some of us are talking about is sex. The carefree days of the nineties and naughties: sex, cosmopolitans and freedom have become the routine days of when will you be home tonight? What’s for dinner? Can you pick up the kids from school?

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