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Dear Santa, this is what I actually want for Christmas.

Dear Santa,

Let’s get something straight this year. I have been good, really good, so when it comes to dipping into your bag of presents in December please know I have enough socks and pyjamas. I buy all the books I want to read. If you give me a kitchen appliance I may just throw it back at you. And I really do not need any more vouchers (unless of course they are for Sephora, in which case I’ll take two).

Santa, what I (and any girl) would love are the gifts we would never buy ourselves. A little luxury and a little lust-worthiness tied up in a Christmas bow.
So wink-wink-nudge-nudge, here is the top ten Christmas gifts to buy for someone else that they won’t buy for themselves.

This article first appeared in The Glow, to read the rest, click here.

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