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Conversations with Spring

There is one particular day of the year that I always buy myself flowers. Even if it is only a four dollar bunch of jonquils, I will always buy myself flowers on the first day of spring.

Spring is seeing the orchids in my garden bud and then bloom. Seeing the leaves return to the trees. Watching the kites fly in the local park. Spring is seeing the earth come back to life, from its winter sleep.


Spring is hearing the great winds that tear through Melbourne on those late October days. It is the chatter of birds outside my window. Hearing the children in our street play outside after school. Spring is hearing the rain fall on our roof after a hot November day.


Spring is feeling the sun on the back of your neck as you stand outside, breathing in the warmth. It is feeling the softness of new grass underneath your toes. The warm breeze brush against you as you walk through the city on a lazy Sunday afternoon. Spring is feeling like a new chapter has opened again.


Spring tastes like the new fruit that has come into season. It is the delicious new apricots, peaches and watermelon. The after work drinks on a Friday night, perfect as you watch the sun set over the city. Spring tastes like the ice creams down by the beach, from the man in the van, with his music playing.


Spring smells of the roses and their intoxicating perfume. It is the crisp smell of freshly cut grass on a Saturday afternoon. Smelling the barbeque as it cooks, with friends over for the weekend. It is the soft scent of the sheets as they dry outside in the sun. Spring is the breath of the sun and letting it fill your lungs, taking over your senses, one by one.

If my soul were to have a birthday then it would be the first day of spring. For as long as the seasons change, I am always going to believe it is.

Do you buy yourself flowers?

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