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I ended last year disappointed in myself for quite a few things. It was not a good way to live a year, nor end a year. I am my own worst enemy when it comes to expectations and I am learning to be more kind to myself and let go of many things. But some things are too important to let go of. One of the greatest disappointments that I walked away bearing last year was the way I completely abandoned my families memories.

I have always been meticulous when it comes to photos and keeping them tucked away in albums, neat, organised and categorised. Until we bought a digital camera, then the sheer volume of photos that we were taking simply overwhelmed me. Combine this with the arrival of AJ into our lives and our digital photo images were simply transferred onto computer, a few shared on Facebook and quickly forgotten about.


That was until I discovered Snapfish. We now have a growing tower of digital photo albums and I cannot possibly imagine keeping our memories any other way. Well, until of course, I neglected all our photos last year. Not one album designed. Not one image transferred to Snapfish. Now I have a mountain of photos to sort through, an even bigger mountain of images to process from RAW before I can start uploading and making our albums.

But I’m not discouraged. This year is all about surrender. So I am letting go of the anxious overwhelming feeling that this task is too big and just getting on with it. I have been transferring photos from my camera straight into folders organised by date and occasion. So sorting through the images is no issue – they are sorted already. Next I will make a check list: photos to be processed – photos to be uploaded – albums to design. Each holiday, birthday, special occasion and school year for each of the boys is placed into its own album. Then each year has its own yearbook.


One hour a day should be all I need to get this ball rolling again. The albums are super easy to design and I get to relive all those precious memories again as I sit scrolling through photos. Remembering just how important these connections are that we make and how without these memories life would be tinged with a sense of emptiness and sadness.

I’m not looking at this task as something on my “to-do” list. No, this is something I want to do and can’t wait to get started. Want to join me? You can get started here.


How do you preserve your families memories?
Do you have a mountain of photos you need to sort and organise?


Disclosure: Written in collaboration with Snapfish and Digital Parents Collective. Before you judge that this is a sponsored post, I would like to say that for me this post has been a welcome blessing. It was the kick start I so desperately needed to get the ball rolling again. Snapfish is not something new in my life and I am grateful for the opportunity to reconnect with how important it is for me and for my family to make these memories long lasting. If you need a little kick start to keep your families memories sorted and organised Snapfish have created four coupon offers that you can use. These will expire 31st January:

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• FUN28X20LF  40% off 28x20cm, Portrait (A4 size) Lay-flat Photo Books – 20 pages
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  • bodyandfeetretreat

    I so need to do this – while I don’t know that this is the kick in the pants that I need – it certainly is a welcome reminder about one of the things I still need to get to.
    Good luck – the albums you have already created look amazing.
    Be kind to yourself – you are so worth it !

  • Renee at Mummy, Wife, Me

    I am a huge fan of snapfish, especially for those corny father’s day present with the picture of your children on the side of a coffee cup :). Before I went back to work I printed out over 800 photos and put them into albums. Now, I just need to go back and put back into albums our photos that I salvaged from the floods. The albums disintegrated so now we just have a whole heap of delightfully smelly photos in a pile. It’s a big job. An hour a day sounds like a great way for you to tackle your photos xo

  • Loree

    You sound like me. I have been severely overwhelmed by digital photos and have never really got down to organizing them. I suppose now is a good time to start. I usually use Shutterfly or Blurb.

  • LydiaCLee

    I was the queen of photos when I had to get film developed. Now they just go on the computer and get ignored. We took 12 years of video to be put on DVD and we’ve watched one….

  • I am exactly like you. Damn the digital camera for making me so lazy. I haven’t used snapfish but think I will give it a go. Thanks for sharing.

  • I love photobooks, and have used a variety of companies to make them, though not snapfish so will have to have a look at it. My little man loves pulling them out to look through them.

  • I love photo books and snapfish are awesome! Thanks for the discount codes x

  • I really must get on to this. Thanks for the inspiration!

  • Man one hour a day – SUCH a great idea. I have really let this side of my life go too – I have probably 50,000 photos somewhere that should be sorted – the thought is overwhelming but maybe I can do it slow and steady? x

  • Rebecca Thompson

    I have just been trawling through my photo’s to put together a collection for my mums 80th. Man I need to get more organised with my filing system!
    The books and canvas prints are a fabulous idea for presents. Every time I have given (or seen one given) they have gone down a treat 🙂

  • Lucy @ Bake Play Smile

    I actually just finished making my hubby a photo album for his birthday laster this year. I have always used Iphoto and ordered the books through the Apple Store but I’ll have to check out Snap Fish too! I loved scanning all of his baby photos and putting them into the album – it took forever but was lots of fun!! Now I just need to organise all of our other zillion photos lying around on memory cards!!

  • I use snapfish for all my printing and photo products, but I’m yet to create a photo book on there. I think I really need to sort the photos before I decide to make the book, then it wont seem so overwhelming. I’ve made a small photo book on printstagram for the grandparents though. I’ve designed my photo challenge this year so I will have an awesome collection of photos at the end of the year of my daughter, so I’m determined to make a book from them.

  • They look really neat, well done and I really need to do the same….xx

  • I lost my hard drive last year, fried no saving and for 2 or more months I’d been putting off transferring photos to cd/lash or external hard drive. I’m trying not to think about all the ones I lost. Luckily my girls are a tad older now and we are not taking as many photos but still. This has motivated me to get a hard book for each child done and a couple of family ones as well. Thanks.

  • Emma Fahy Davis

    Oh I am so going to take advantage of the photo book coupon. I have taken 16,000 photos in the past twelve months (yes, sixteen thousand) and like you, I’ve picked a few good ones to process and stick on Facebook or the blog and the rest – some throwaways and others undiscovered gems – are stored on a hard drive and backed up to the cloud waiting for the never-never when I’ve got time to deal with them. Even if I only get one book made for each of the girls, that will be an achievement. Thanks for the kick up the backside!

  • This year I am taking a portrait a week and also a family pic a week and at the end of the year will get them all printed in a snapfish type book. 🙂

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