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The moment I saved my son’s life

It was a moment I’ll never forget. My three-year-old son was racing his toy car along our study desk one moment, and choking the next. His ‘broom broom’ noises became silent. He grabbed my arm. His little face began to turn blue.

Adrenaline rose in my throat. I grabbed him, turned him around and started to hit his back. With the other hand I fumbled with my phone and rang 000. In my mind was the children’s first aid course hubby and I attended when our son was born. “Keep hitting their back, hard and consistently, between the shoulder blades. Do not attempt to dislodge the item with your fingers. Just keep hitting their back. With each hit, a little air is going in.”

This article first appeared in Essential Baby, to read the rest, click here.

  • After winning a voucher for Dave and I to attend a Kidzaid course I have to say I really wish we had done a course so much sooner, We went in March and the information we learned was invaluable, particularly in regards to choking and the CPR training. Sadly though a lot of the first aid/CPR courses out there cost so much money and a lot of parent’s are put off by the price I think. But then, what price can you put on your child’s life? I honestly think the last class in a hospital-run antenatal course should be a first-aid one that includes CPR training. Labour and birth are such a small part of the life of a parent in the grand scheme of things, and imagine how many children could be saved if this was included for parent’s right at the beginning of their parenting journey.

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