Pieces of Me


Before kids, my television indulgences were Sex and the City, Friends and the Soprano’s. Just writing that list makes me realise how long ago it was that I actually watched television. It has been years since I had an uninterrupted evening sitting on the couch. Something happened last year to change that. My boys started to settle into long peaceful nights of sleep. Oh, the bliss. The next thing you know, I found myself dusting off the cobwebs on the remote and tuning back into the television world. I felt like a kid starting at a new school. Flicking from one channel to the next, I had no idea who was who or what was going on.

On Thursday mornings at work, I overheard cheeky, lustful hallway conversations between blushing females about Dr. Patrick Reid and a TV show called Offspring. Dr. Who? My sister told me that she would happily have Dr. Reid’s babies. Who was this man? I had to find out who this Dr. Patrick Reid was.


Very quickly I found myself sitting in front of the television, remote ready, waiting to watch Offspring. It did not matter that it was episode three into season three. I had nothing to lose. It was worth one hour of my time to find out what all the fuss was about.

One hour was all it took – I was hooked!


An obsession started to brew. I religiously watched each new episode, commercials and all! I found myself thinking in the voice of Nina. Talking about Billy at morning tea, as if she was my closest girlfriend. Lusting after Patrick Reid, like every other woman in Australia. Then it ended, just like that. Nina pregnant and no more episodes. I started suffering withdrawal.

Thanks to Foxtel, my withdrawal didn’t last too long and season two was aired. Religiously I watched. I drove my sister crazy talking about each episode and what was happening. “I’ve already seen it.” “What are you talking about now?” “Not Offspring again.” Yet, the shine, the allure began to dull with each passing episode. Season one began immediately after season two. Religiously I watched, hoping it would get better.

Reading a book backwards would make no sense, and as I found out, watching Offspring backwards didn’t either. Maybe I just needed my Offspring fix? I fell less in love with the characters. Less intrigued by the plot. A little bemused by some of the story line and I was convinced that I didn’t like Billie.


I knew season four was coming soon, and the allure of Dr. Patrick Reid has won through in the end. The ability to see so much of myself in Nina. These two characters are going to have a baby! Make love work! Prove to Australia, for one hour a week, that love really does conquer all. All these ideas, the anticipation of it all, has awakened my lust for a session on the couch in front of the television.

I know you can watch episode one of season four online already. But I don’t want to. The anticipation is just too good. I want to hang on a little longer, crave a little more. Routine needs to step aside next week. Offspring is back and it has been too long between drinks.

Offspring is my TV addiction, what is yours?

Offspring returns to Ten on Wednesday May 22 at 8.30pm

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