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Do You Look After Yourself?


Probably second to “how do you manage to do so much?” I find myself being asked “are you looking after yourself?” Since having my boys, I have stopped even knowing what that question means. When I was juggling a newborn I thought it meant “are you getting enough sleep?” Quite seriously in that case, the answer was always “no.”

Now that I do get my sleep (most nights anyway) I still find myself struggling to answer the question. I don’t do yoga, go for a morning run, drink juice smoothies on a daily basis or have any quinoa in my pantry. I do drink way too much coffee, jam so much into my days that I fall into an exhausted heap most nights and find myself eating more snacks throughout my day than whole meals. But I’m not beating myself up over it. If anything, I’m happy. More than happy, this little crazy juggle that I have going works on most days – for me.

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As for looking after myself, well over the past seven years my priorities have changed and as a consequence so have my choices. Time is micromanaged in my life and where I commit that time has evolved from the days of pre-children to now. Spending long hours idling away at hairdressers, beauty salons and day spa’s isn’t really something I prioritise anymore. But I still like to “look after myself” I just prefer to get most of things done more efficiently, in less time and at home. Now I do have some indulgences, can’t live without my nails or my lashes, but everything else I seem to manage on my own.

Most days I am make-up free, I always have been this kind of girl and I don’t think that is going to change. So as long as I have my lashes and clean skin (and my BB eye cream for the days when sleep hasn’t been that great) I feel like I am all set. I am a bit of a fuss pot when it comes to clean skin and even though facials are not something I opt-in for, that doesn’t mean I can’t achieve clean skin at home.

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The Philips VisaPure facial cleaning brush is a quick and easy way to keep skin clean and radiant, without too much hassle. It is easy to use as part of my morning routine and even easier still to use while having a shower. I simply use my normal facial cleanser and instead of giving my face a clean with my hands, I use the wand instead. My face does feel cleaner; it does feel softer and on most days looks subtle and healthy. So for someone who needs her beauty routine to be quick and simple, this is perfect and helps me feel like I am looking after myself.

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Disclosure: Do You Look After Yourself? was written in collaboration with Philips, for more awesome details about the Philips VisaPure please visit this linkAll opinions expressed are my own.

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