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Daddy was Right – Giveaway

It was a rare, sunny day in late October. Barbeque. Friends. Champagne. Lamb. A backyard littered with toys. The kids were like rabbits, hopping from one toy to the next. AJ had managed to climb onto a wooden balance bike that was leaning against the back garden shed. He wobbled around trying to make sense of how this new toy worked – he had never seen one before. I thought he was being silly. He had a bike at home, a proper bike, with training wheels – why couldn’t he manage this bike? Distracted by champagne and adult conversation, I left him to his muddles. Hubby leant in and interrupted the conversation, “we should get the boys a balance bike for Christmas.”

“What? No of course we shouldn’t! They have so many toys and so many different bikes. I’m not buying another one!”

“But they need a balance bike. They need to learn to keep their balance, shift their weight around, before hooning down the street on training wheels.”

I couldn’t believe we were arguing over a bike.

For most of the afternoon my boys kept going back to that balance bike. They kept having a go and trying to make sense of how it all worked. During the drive home, I kept thinking about that bike. It didn’t make sense why my boys just couldn’t get it. Maybe I needed to re-think this one?

A few days later Tiger Tribe approached me with a balance bike for my boys to play with, I knew right then, it was a sign. So I said ‘yes’ straight away.

Instantly, the boys loved the wooden balance bike. Little PJ, who is 3, found all sorts of treasures to put in the front red basket. My boys are “boy boys” so the bike was under my arm and on the way to the park within moments. I was surprised at how light the bike actually was and how easy it was to carry.

PJ was a little confused at first and asked why there were no pedals and no training wheels. So I asked him what we could use as pedals instead. He looked down, laughed and said with his cheeky grin “my feet!”

At the park, PJ wobbled at first, then pushed around on the bike. I was quite impressed at how quickly he got the hang of it all. He still couldn’t manage a bike with pedals and training wheels on his own, and more often than not, chose his tricycle over his bike. But this balance bike seemed to have him enthralled. Maybe it was the sense of confidence he gained.

AJ, who is 5, was a little more cautious on the bike. Taking more time to get his balance, plant his feet and move along slowly. The bike is sturdy, well made and seems very durable. The seat has three adjustable positions, so it is easy to accommodate growing boys and fighting brothers. I quite like the rubber hand grips and the inflatable tyres, two things that can help this bike last longer and sustain more use from my little ones.

So it seemed mummy was indeed wrong and daddy was right. Something I don’t admit to very often. My boys do need a balance bike. I would never have thought that little PJ could balance a bike on his own. Yet there he was giving it a good go and loving it at the same time. The bike would have been a perfect Christmas gift for our boys. A perfect gift for any child.

One lucky reader of always Josefa has the chance to win a Tiger Tribe Wooden Balance Bike. Valued at $120 this could be an easy way to tick off a present from the Christmas list and surprise your own little person with an easy, safe and fun way to build their confidence.

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Disclosure: Tiger Tribe gave my boys the balance bike that they are seen playing with. All opinions expressed are my own.


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