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A Caution Against the Truth


Late last week, in a closed room with a hushed voice I overheard hubby on the phone speak the words “lies have run laps around the earth, before truth has a chance to get its boots on.” I paused at the door, holding onto the handle, my heart sinking knowing that here we are about to do this again.

Sometimes what we see, in our lives and in the lives of others, is so far removed from the truth that there stops being any clarity or definition. Sometimes the truth we think we see becomes the reason behind our decisions and the words we choose to say. Sometimes we need to step back and realise that our perception of this truth may be wrong.


The words I choose to share on these pages, in these posts, are the glimpses of truth I allow into my life. Yet, they are only glimpses. The small insights that are often only a snapshot or Instagram picture of what is going on. Kidspot nominations. BlogHer excitement. Words. Redundancy. Death. Uncertainty. More glimpses into my world.

While I feel that we do not always have to share our secrets or our inner most thoughts. I think we always need to be compassionate. You just never know what someone is going through. Even when you wholeheartedly think you do know what is going on, you may only know very little.

Yesterday I read a post that reminded me how important it is to be compassionate in our lives. The simplicity of it was quite raw and honest. We can never know the full truth of anyone else’s life. We may never know the full truth of our own lives. But we can always be compassionate and kind. We can always reserve our judgements.

Life, even at the best of times, can tumble over and over on itself. Dragging you through the motions of doubt and uncertainty and pulling you into every direction. You do not always need to define the moments. Sometimes it is perhaps better to leave them undefined. To sit and let them move past you, head in your hands, breathing.


What we can do is caution ourselves against what we think is the truth. Be kind to ourselves in moments of doubt and uncertainty. Be careful with the words and intent we choose to interact with others. For when it is all said and done, when all the phone calls have been made and the decisions finalised, we are left holding on to how we feel and how the words that were spoken made others feel.

We cannot underestimate that in a society so focused on being connected, we sometimes do the complete and far opposite. Late last week, hubby’s phone call ended in uncertainty, leaving the power of truth to fend for itself in a corporate world driven by ego. I was left running circles in my mind of all the possibilities that could result from that phone call. One day I will forget those thoughts and only remember how incredible it was to reach out to friends and find support, encouragement, kind words and compassion.


Are you in a place of uncertainty or truth?
Does our society need more compassion, less judgement?


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